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also fore·swear  (fôr-swâr′)
v. for·swore (-swôr′), for·sworn (-swôrn′), for·swear·ing, for·swears
a. To decide or declare that one will not or will no longer engage in (an activity or habit, for example): a political group that has forsworn violence.
b. To decide or declare that one will not or will no longer use or be associated with (something): "He had cast in his lot with the lions and forsworn the lambs" (Robert Louis Stevenson).
c. To disavow under oath: "He was forced to take an oath forswearing heretical views" (Garry Wills).
2. To make (oneself) guilty of perjury.
To swear falsely; commit perjury
be forsworn
To commit perjury.

[Middle English forsweren, from Old English forswerian : for-, wrongly; see for- + swerian, to swear; see swear.]
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Noun1.forswearing - the act of renouncing; sacrificing or giving up or surrendering (a possession or right or title or privilege etc.)
rejection - the act of rejecting something; "his proposals were met with rejection"
forsaking, giving up - the act of forsaking
self-abnegation, self-renunciation, abnegation, self-denial, denial - renunciation of your own interests in favor of the interests of others
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After all, I was merely forswearing a bad habit, forgoing a bad frame of mind.
And I am proud to say that it is widely acknowledged that our Philippine mission experts here, including those who have since been recalled, contributed tremendously to the work that will erase the distorted ideas of migration and reinstate its attribute as the ineradicable human impulse to meet challenges anywhere, to test resolve, and prove endurance by forswearing the comfort and safety of the familiar-not to mention the fatally dangerous circumstances in countries with evil and incompetent governments-for the new, to the mutual benefit of migrants and host peoples.
With the enemy closing in and the United States (at the time) forswearing aid, the latter group concludes the Wehrmacht is too strong to be defeated.
For the administration, it has blocked the Iranian pathway to a bomb for at least the next fifteen years --and that claim has a great deal of merit given the limitations on the numbers of centrifuges, the far-reaching reduction of Iran's stockpile of low enriched uranium, the removal and redesign of the core of the heavy water reactor at Arak, and Iran's forswearing of reprocessing capabilities for this period of time.
Then you'll face a tough decision: Although forswearing this job is not an ethical obligation, do you still want it if it undermines your friendship?
"What I can say with respect to Iran, I think it is very important to remember,that this administration has systematically imposed the toughest sanctions on Iran ever." Today Iran is isolated, and the world is unified and applying the toughest sanctions that Iran has ever experienced "Now, Iran understands that they have a choice: They can break that isolation by acting responsibly and forswearing the development of nuclear weapons C* or they can continue to operate in a fashion that isolates them from the entire world," Obama said.
Israeli newspaper Ma'ariv reported on Monday that the American government, in cooperation with Israel, had warned the PA and Egypt that Fatah must not agree to a consensus government with Hamas or reject the Quartet's conditions forswearing violence, recognizing Israel, and accepting previous Israel-Palestinian agreements.
By staying outside the NPT, Israel has avoided forswearing nuclear arms or admitting nuclear inspectors.
Yet this had been ignored by a United Nations that was slow to stir; a United States still traumatized by its Somalia debacle; and a France where freedom from parliamentary restraints did not dictate impartiality in the presidency, nor lead to the forswearing of ties to Africa's most repressive leaders.
Aber then saw red themselves just seven minutes later, with Gareth Hughes sent off forswearing at referee Harms.
These conditions were: recognising the state of Israel, forswearing violence and accepting previous Israeli-Palestinian agreements.