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also fore·swear  (fôr-swâr′)
v. for·swore (-swôr′), for·sworn (-swôrn′), for·swear·ing, for·swears
a. To decide or declare that one will not or will no longer engage in (an activity or habit, for example): a political group that has forsworn violence.
b. To decide or declare that one will not or will no longer use or be associated with (something): "He had cast in his lot with the lions and forsworn the lambs" (Robert Louis Stevenson).
c. To disavow under oath: "He was forced to take an oath forswearing heretical views" (Garry Wills).
2. To make (oneself) guilty of perjury.
To swear falsely; commit perjury
be forsworn
To commit perjury.

[Middle English forsweren, from Old English forswerian : for-, wrongly; see for- + swerian, to swear; see swear.]


the past participle of forswear
forˈswornness n


(fɔrˈswɔrn, -ˈswoʊrn) pp. of forswear.
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or foresworn
Marked by lying under oath:
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The Hawkweed Legacy picks up the story after the dust of battle has subsided and the Hawkweed witch clan is left leaderless as heartbroken Poppy travels to Africa to explore who she is and contemplate her own future without Leo her forsworn love.
corporations for focusing on short-rather than long-term investment returns dates back to at least 1980 when Harvard Business School faculty members Robert Hayes and William Abernathy wrote in a landmark article, "By their preference for servicing existing markets rather than creating new ones and by their devotion to short-term returns and management by the numbers, many of them have effectively forsworn long-term technological superiority as a competitive weapon" ("Managing Our Way to Economic Decline, Harvard Business Review 58 (July-August): 67-77).
The fact is that no president, Republican or Democrat, has ever forsworn the first strike capacity," Tillerson said.
In sharp contrast to 2010, a whole series of parties have already forsworn any involvement in a formal coalition, apparently making this outcome unlikely.
The commune leader - a former warrior who has forsworn violence - says that the gods must have some plan for the Hound.
New York dentist Paul O'Rourke, the novel's protagonist, is a full-fledged curmudgeon who has forsworn social media.
PINK & PASTELS COLOUR goes pop this year, as punchy pinks and a parade of pastels battle for attention and look set to finally win over even those who've forsworn anything but neutrals.
It means that siring children can be postponed, but never be cancelled or forsworn, which is very different from the government-led family planning program we see on TV," said the group in a statement posted on its website www.
While security forces have crushed Mursi's Muslim Brotherhood, a political movement that had forsworn violence decades ago, Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis has become more brazen.
Recalling that the three-hundred-year-old monarchy remains a viable and highly esteemed institution throughout the country, the author stressed that through unprecedented constitutional reforms, the King ceded control over most domestic government institutions to an elected prime minister chosen by an Islamist parliamentary bloc that had forsworn the path of militancy.
Iran is not South Africa or Brazil - states that threaten no one and that have voluntarily forsworn a nuclear weapons capability.
Some point out that other countries have given up their missile programs entirely, or forsworn ballistic missiles while developing an effective space launch program alone.