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 (fôr′tā-pē-ăn′ō, -ä′nō)
adv. & adj. Abbr. fp Music
In a loud, then suddenly soft, manner. Used chiefly as a direction.

[Italian : forte, loud; see forte2 + piano, soft; see piano2.]


(ˌfɔːtɪˈpjɑːnəʊ) music
adj, adv
(Music, other) loud and then immediately soft. Symbol: fp
(Music, other) a note played in this way


(ˌfɔr teɪ piˈɑ noʊ, -ˈpyɑ-)

adj., adv. Music.
loud and immediately soft.
[1760–70; < Italian: loud-soft]


(ˌfɔr tə piˈɑ noʊ, -ˈpyɑ-)

n., pl. -nos.
an early form of the grand piano having less volume and resonance than a modern grand but greater clarity.
[1760–70; early variant of pianoforte]


loudly, then immediately softly
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Noun1.forte-piano - a keyboard instrument that is played by depressing keys that cause hammers to strike tuned strings and produce soundsforte-piano - a keyboard instrument that is played by depressing keys that cause hammers to strike tuned strings and produce sounds
fallboard, fall-board - the hinged protective covering that protects the keyboard of a piano when it is not being played
grand piano, grand - a piano with the strings on a horizontal harp-shaped frame; usually supported by three legs
keyboard - device consisting of a set of keys on a piano or organ or typewriter or typesetting machine or computer or the like
keyboard instrument - a musical instrument that is played by means of a keyboard
mechanical piano, Pianola, player piano - a mechanically operated piano that uses a roll of perforated paper to activate the keys
percussion instrument, percussive instrument - a musical instrument in which the sound is produced by one object striking another
piano action - action consisting of a system of levers that move a felt hammer to strike the strings when a key is depressed
clavier, piano keyboard, fingerboard - a bank of keys on a musical instrument
soft pedal - a pedal on a piano that moves the action closer to the strings and so soften the sound
soundboard, sounding board - (music) resonator consisting of a thin board whose vibrations reinforce the sound of the instrument
stringed instrument - a musical instrument in which taut strings provide the source of sound
loud pedal, sustaining pedal - a pedal on a piano that lifts the dampers from the strings and so allows them to continue vibrating
upright piano, upright - a piano with a vertical sounding board
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At the Allegro, play it the way it is marked, with a real forte followed by a diminuendo, not a forte-piano.
10pm) by Anneke Scott, horn, and Kathryn Cok, forte-piano, of works by Beethoven, Kuhlau and Ries.
I thought Multidimensional appeared agitati; this could have been the tongue-strap, but you don't want your horse to manifest forte-piano before the music starts lest rallentando occurs in the final act.