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 (fôr′tā-pē-ăn′ō, -ä′nō)
n. pl. for·te·pi·an·os
Any of various precursors to the modern piano.

[Italian, variant of pianoforte; see pianoforte.]


(Instruments) an early type of piano popular in the late 18th century
[from Italian, loud-soft]


(ˌfɔr teɪ piˈɑ noʊ, -ˈpyɑ-)

adj., adv. Music.
loud and immediately soft.
[1760–70; < Italian: loud-soft]


(ˌfɔr tə piˈɑ noʊ, -ˈpyɑ-)

n., pl. -nos.
an early form of the grand piano having less volume and resonance than a modern grand but greater clarity.
[1760–70; early variant of pianoforte]
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Finally, it affords gambists a rare period-sanctioned opportunity to pair with fortepiano, for a sonic combination that proves surprisingly effective.
The minuet is a genuinely danceable one, Melnikov's fortepiano playing here is splendid, and one can imagine carpets rolled back and couples whirling around the drawing room.
3 performance with the fortepiano will be "very telling" for the listener, Watson said.
So the string playing was magical, surely compatible with, maybe even extending in surprising ways, your memory of full symphonic treatment of these passages; and then came the fragile, barely audible, hyper-staccato articulation of the tinny-sounding fortepiano.
Soprano and former pupil at King's High School for Girls in Warwick Catherine Bott will sing songs by Haydn and his English contemporaries, accompanied on fortepiano by David McGuiness.
Kristian Bezuidenhout plays an Erard fortepiano of 1837, absolutely spot-on for the period of these Lieder.
The ensemble La Donna Musicale, winch is dedicated to the discovery and exposure of previously unknown or ignored works by women composers of the Renaissance, baroque, and classical periods, has performed another in its ongoing series of public services with this very fine disc, which includes world premiere recordings of several vocal pieces ascribed to Bon (featuring the excellent soprano Julianne Baird) in addition to three sonatas for a variety of solo instruments with continuo, a sonata for fortepiano, and a lovely three-movement divertimento for two flutes with continuo, rendered here by two violins with fortepiano and viola da gamba.
Suzie LeBlanc, soprano, Yannick Nezet-Seguin, fortepiano.
Edwin Good and his wife, Anita Sullivan, own the only copy of a 1722 Cristofori fortepiano, which Good will play in a free recital May 11 at Collier House.
Artaria Editions (Wellington, New Zealand) has published a beautiful edition of Carl Ditters Von Dittersdorf's Sonata for Fortepiano, Four Hands, in C Major.
This was particularly apparent in the C major Piano Concerto K503, where director/soloist Richard Egarr's beautiful little fortepiano looked appealing but needed ears to be strained to appreciate it.
The fortepiano writings of Streicher, Dieudonne, and the Schiedmayers: two manuals and a notebook, translated from the original German, with commentary.