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Shaun drags her teenage daughter Jasmine (Ajiona Alexus) and young son Glover (Seth Carr) to the deceased's fortresslike retreat in Wisconsin, which is fitted with state-of-theart security.
The crowd of protesters assembled in the park in preparation for a march on the fortresslike amphitheater despite police warnings that the march would not be permitted.
The lofty setting gives his converted farmhouse a fortresslike perch--one that hums with the energy of "a government in waiting," Khan says.
The first 10 minutes were all terror and jubilation -- terror every time Messi touched the ball ("No, no, no!" everyone mutter-gasped in unison) and jubilation because the Viking boys had been strong, fortresslike, on defence.
The only gun shop in all of Mexico is behind a fortresslike wall on a heavily guarded military base.
In between the food and drink, take time to visit Porto's sights including the golden glory of the Sao Francisco Church; the city's fortresslike cathedral and cool cloisters; the beautiful but busy Lello bookshop that is said to have inspired J K Rowling's gothic designs in Harry Potter; the stunning murals in the Sao Bento railway station and the touristy but impressive Majestic art nouveau cafe.
The fortresslike Military Vehicles Administration in the government-held part of Harasta town has long been used to strike at the densely populated Eastern Ghouta.
In the installation Endless (Nights), ten thousand blank sheets of newsprint cut to the dimensions of the Straits Times, the most popular newspaper in the artist's native Singapore, form a fortresslike stack in the museum's dimly lit atrium.
Before it was razed, the partially restored stone and mortar building stood fortresslike on a hill above Mosul.
Reynolds pruned a fortresslike hedge of camellias several feet off the ground to open them up.
In Lisbon beautiful stone saints stand on capitals high up in the doorway of the beautiful Romanesque fortresslike church of St.
The existing buildings' fortresslike facade has been opened up on the ground level to allow for as much daylight penetration as possible.