forward bias

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forward bias


forward voltage

(Electronics) a voltage applied to a circuit or device, esp a semiconductor device, in the direction that produces the larger current
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He posits that the non-cointegration of the spot and forward exchange rates is a possible explanation for the puzzling forward bias puzzle.
These points are shown in Figure 3, which shows a typical forward bias I-V curve of an illuminated solar cell.
Let us assume that the transformer is working properly and there is a positive potential, at point A and a negative potential at point B the positive potential at point A will forward bias D3 and reverse bias D4.
We expect no action from the Fed or BOJ, although investors will be looking for a more dovish forward bias as the renewed decline in oil prices lowers inflation expectations globally," wrote strategists at Barclays.
In these papers, the forward bias electrical I-V characteristics are shown, taking into account the charge neutrality (via the continuity equation), through the semiconductors of the cell.
This phenomenon takes place when the LED chip is powered, forward bias takes place at the p-n junction of the LED chip.
Breedon, Francis; Rime, Dagfinn; Vitale, Paolo (2010) A Transaction Data Study of the Forward Bias Puzzle, Discussion Paper 7791, CEPR

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