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Adj.1.forward-moving - moving forwardforward-moving - moving forward      
progressive - favoring or promoting progress; "progressive schools"
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"She's a forward-moving filly and was free on the way to post.
"Innovation is crucial to being a forward-moving, successful chamber," Cobb said.
PARIS, May 30 (KUNA) -- Less than 24 hours after extensive talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the Syrian conflict, French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday met with a senior delegation of Syrian opposition groups to discuss the crises and potential forward-moving steps, Macron's office said.
Howard infuses Cam's background and situation fluidly into scenes using flashbacks as well as forward-moving scenes.
The impatient Massachusetts driver in the right lane illegally cuts in front of the forward-moving vehicle and tries to enter the Mill Street Extension.
While oil and gas revenues account for only 30 percent of its GDP, the UAE has set itself up as a progressive and forward-moving country, determined to compete in the world's free market economy.
Colin Fenn, Southgate, London NOT until we have a proper, balanced, forward-moving drug policy can we even understand what type of laws or education we need to save our young people from drugs.
This move will re-position the former logo's distinctive 'ellipse' shape into a forward-moving direction to symbolise the company's anticipated long-term growth.
It drew from Ticciati a reading ticking with a subtle forward-moving pulse, and revealed promises of what he can undoubtedly achieve in the opera-house.
As with the previous releases, Joseph Keilberth's conducting is thrillingly dramatic and forward-moving, but never driven.

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