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a. At, near, or belonging to the front or forepart; fore: the forward section of the aircraft.
b. Located ahead or in advance: kept her eye on the forward horizon.
a. Going, tending, or moving toward a position in front: a forward plunge down a flight of stairs.
b. Sports Advancing toward an opponent's goal.
c. Moving in a prescribed direction or order for normal use: forward rolling of the cassette tape.
a. Ardently inclined; eager.
b. Lacking restraint or modesty; presumptuous or bold: a forward child.
a. Being ahead of current economic, political, or technological trends; progressive: a forward concept.
b. Deviating radically from convention or tradition; extreme.
5. Exceptionally advanced; precocious.
6. Of, relating to, or done in preparation for the future: a rise in the forward price of corn.
adv. or for·wards (-wərdz)
1. Toward or tending to the front; frontward: step forward.
2. Into consideration: put forward a new proposal.
3. In or toward the future: looking forward to seeing you.
a. In the prescribed direction or sequence for normal use: rolled the tape forward.
b. In an advanced position or a configuration registering a future time: set the clock forward.
c. At or to a different time; earlier or later: moved the appointment forward, from Friday to Thursday. See Usage Note at backward.
n. Sports
1. A player in certain games, such as basketball, soccer, or hockey, who is part of the forward line of the offense.
2. The position played by such a person.
tr.v. for·ward·ed, for·ward·ing, for·wards
1. To send on to a subsequent destination or address. See Synonyms at send1.
2. To help advance; promote. See Synonyms at advance.

[Middle English, from Old English foreweard : fore-, fore- + -weard, -ward.]

for′ward·ly adv.
for′ward·ness n.
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PN Horse Jockey/trainer Odds Comment 6 Good News Doyle/Harty 7-5 Good 3rd in debut 3 Go Little Gert Go Murrill/Manley 6-1 2nd in easier; L1 4 Into Humor JLopez/Block 9-2 Been training forwardly 2 Artistic Jewler Felix/Cowan 8-1 Interesting drills 5 Eye On the Finish Kennedy/Ali 8-1 Turn back should help 1 Rathrbluckythngood Brigmohn/Barkley 8-1 Little in two starts 2.
For example, in order to draw the attentions of the consumers, there are inexpensive and best prices of products, that internet web-stores cope with, as compared to traditional stores, it happens because the items for consumption are sold without the support of the dealer or middleman; thus the dealings are made straight forwardly from the vendor to consumer (Hussain et al., 2018).
The alerting system is based on passive forwardly directed optical sensors, sophisticated analytics of images of traffic lights and signs along roads, and the location data of each vehicle, transmitted to a remote server using cellular communication.
A 20-year-old female patient reported to the department of orthodontics and dentofacial orthopaedics with the chief complaint of "forwardly placed teeth in upper front region." On clinical examination, the patient had proportional facial thirds and a convex profile [Figure 1].
Kamal said they had straight forwardly requested the provincial authorities to formulate their master plans and ground water table regulatory frameworks to deal with the serious issue of water scarcity and underground water depletion.
The judge remarked that UAE authorities stated straight forwardly that they have not any record in their possession.
Ultimately, he chose Taamol, who is trained by Ali Rashid Al Rayhi and has reportedly trained forwardly for this run.
Numerous speakers spoke to this fact, but Robert Roundtree's Day 1 Talk, "Autoimmune Disease and Environmental Toxicants," seemed to pretty straight forwardly lay out the ground rules.
'I don't think so,' she forwardly answered talk show host Boy Abuna when asked about the matter in a 'Tonight with Boy Abunda' guesting aired Tuesday night.
The diode can be set On when it is forwardly biased and Off when inversely biased.
Management of developing skeletal and jaw abnormalities Correcting forwardly placed or large size lower jaw (excess mandible) by using chin cup and reverse pull facemask treatment to maintain ideal relation, if done at right period, can avoid complicated orthognathic surgery.