foscarnet sodium

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fos·car·net sodium

An antiviral drug, CNa3O5P, used intravenously to treat herpesvirus infections, especially cytomegalovirus retinitis.

[Alteration of phos(phorus) + car(bon) + net (probably shortening and alteration of Latin natrium, sodium; see natron).]
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Objective: To compare the clinical effects of foscarnet sodium injection and interferon on human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected patients complicated with herpes zoster.
Then the control group and treatment group were administered with interferon and foscarnet sodium injection respectively for four consecutive weeks.
Compared with interferon, foscarnet sodium injection better improves the clinical outcomes by effectively relieving pain and by regulating immune mediated inflammatory diseases, thus boosting the prognostic quality of life.
KEY WORDS: HIV infection, Herpes zoster, Foscarnet sodium, Interferon.
Penciclovir cream, methylprednisolone (40 mg intravenous daily for two days, followed by a gradual taper of oral glucocorticoids), acyclovir (2105 mg intravenous for one day), foscarnet sodium (3 g daily for 11 days), and methycobal injection (1 mg daily for one week) were all administrated.