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fos·sa 1

n. pl. fos·sae (fŏs′ē′) Anatomy
A small cavity or depression, as in a bone.

[Latin, ditch, from feminine past participle of fodere, to dig.]

fos′sate′ (fŏs′āt′) adj.

fos·sa 2

A catlike carnivorous mammal (Cryptoprocta ferox) of Madagascar, having reddish-brown fur, a long tail, long whiskers, and retractile claws.

[Malagasy fosa.]
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n, pl -sae (-siː)
(Anatomy) an anatomical depression, trench, or hollow area
[C19: from Latin: ditch, from fossus dug up, from fodere to dig up]


(Animals) a large primitive catlike viverrine mammal, Cryptoprocta ferox, inhabiting the forests of Madagascar: order Carnivora (carnivores). It has thick reddish-brown fur and preys on lemurs, poultry, etc
[from Malagasy]
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(ˈfɒs ə)

n., pl. fos•sae (ˈfɒs i)
a pit, cavity, or depression, as in a bone.
[1820–30; < Latin: ditch, fosse, short for fossa (terra) dug or dug out (earth), n. use of feminine of fossus, past participle of fodere to dig]


(ˈfɒs ə)

n., pl. -sas.
a large viverrid carnivore, Cryptoprocta ferox, of Madagascar. Also called fos′sa cat`.
[1830–40; < Malagasy]
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A shallow depression.
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Noun1.fossa - a concavity in a surface (especially an anatomical depression)fossa - a concavity in a surface (especially an anatomical depression)
glenoid cavity, glenoid fossa - the concavity in the head of the scapula that receives the head of the humerus to form the shoulder joint
glenoid fossa, mandibular fossa - a deep concavity in the temporal bone at the root of the zygomatic arch that receives the condyle of the mandible
bodily cavity, cavum, cavity - (anatomy) a natural hollow or sinus within the body
epigastric fossa, pit of the stomach - a slight depression in the midline just below the sternum (where a blow can affect the solar plexus)
concave shape, concavity, incurvation, incurvature - a shape that curves or bends inward
2.Fossa - monotypic genus of Madagascar civets closely related to palm civets
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
fanaloka, Fossa fossa - civet of Madagascar
3.fossa - largest carnivore of Madagascarfossa - largest carnivore of Madagascar; intermediate in some respects between cats and civets
viverrine, viverrine mammal - small cat-like predatory mammals of warmer parts of the Old World
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n. L. fosa, cavidad, hueco, depresión;
___ glenoid___ glenoidea;
___ interpeduncular___ interpeduncular;
___ jugular___ yugular;
___ mandibular___ mandibular;
___ nasal___ nasal;
___ navicular___ navicular.
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n fosa
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This expansive new habitat will also be home to Madagascar's top predator and largest carnivore, the fossa. Conservation breeding specialists at Chester Zoo have never cared for the spectacular species before, and the new Madagascar zone will be the first opportunity for visitors to learn about the rare animal first hand.
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On the other hand, customised TMJR devices can be represented by the ultrahigh-molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) on metal (Cr-Co) Biomet Microfixation TMJ Replacement System[R] [12], being the glenoid fossa cup made of UHMWPE and the mandibular condyle of Cr-Co.
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