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v. fos·sicked, fos·sick·ing, fos·sicks Australian
1. To search for gold, especially by reworking washings or waste piles.
2. To rummage or search around, especially for a possible profit.
To search for by or as if by rummaging.

[English dialectal, to find out, dig up.]

fos′sick·er n.


1. (Mining & Quarrying) (intr) to search for gold or precious stones in abandoned workings, rivers, etc
2. to rummage or search for (something)
[C19: Australian, probably from English dialect fussock to bustle about, from fuss]
ˈfossicker n


(ˈfɒs ɪk)
Chiefly Australian. v.i.
1. to search for waste gold in relinquished workings.
2. to rummage.
3. to ferret out.
[1850–55; compare dial. fossick troublesome person]
fos′sick•er, n.


Past participle: fossicked
Gerund: fossicking

I fossick
you fossick
he/she/it fossicks
we fossick
you fossick
they fossick
I fossicked
you fossicked
he/she/it fossicked
we fossicked
you fossicked
they fossicked
Present Continuous
I am fossicking
you are fossicking
he/she/it is fossicking
we are fossicking
you are fossicking
they are fossicking
Present Perfect
I have fossicked
you have fossicked
he/she/it has fossicked
we have fossicked
you have fossicked
they have fossicked
Past Continuous
I was fossicking
you were fossicking
he/she/it was fossicking
we were fossicking
you were fossicking
they were fossicking
Past Perfect
I had fossicked
you had fossicked
he/she/it had fossicked
we had fossicked
you had fossicked
they had fossicked
I will fossick
you will fossick
he/she/it will fossick
we will fossick
you will fossick
they will fossick
Future Perfect
I will have fossicked
you will have fossicked
he/she/it will have fossicked
we will have fossicked
you will have fossicked
they will have fossicked
Future Continuous
I will be fossicking
you will be fossicking
he/she/it will be fossicking
we will be fossicking
you will be fossicking
they will be fossicking
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been fossicking
you have been fossicking
he/she/it has been fossicking
we have been fossicking
you have been fossicking
they have been fossicking
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been fossicking
you will have been fossicking
he/she/it will have been fossicking
we will have been fossicking
you will have been fossicking
they will have been fossicking
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been fossicking
you had been fossicking
he/she/it had been fossicking
we had been fossicking
you had been fossicking
they had been fossicking
I would fossick
you would fossick
he/she/it would fossick
we would fossick
you would fossick
they would fossick
Past Conditional
I would have fossicked
you would have fossicked
he/she/it would have fossicked
we would have fossicked
you would have fossicked
they would have fossicked
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verb (Austral. & N.Z.) search, hunt, explore, ferret, check, forage, rummage If you fossick around in some specialist music stores, you may be lucky enough to find a copy.
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She mentioned that her uncle was a bit of a gold fossicker, picking up small gold nuggets around his property.
You'll find the best exclusive Dealers gathering in a single arena who have those "hard to find" pieces.Interesting finds and bargains for the discerning fossicker and the avid collector.a plethora of collectables ranging from vintage jewellery, china, glassware and fashionalia to collectable tin toys, linen, books and ephemera.
Beachcombing: A Fossicker's Guide to Whiteness and Indigenous Sovereignty.
Major Percy Black was also awarded the DSO and DCM and was regarded by many of his contemporaries as the bravest man in the AIF--a remarkable achievement for a thirty-eight year old gold fossicker with no previous military experience.
A gold miner can mean a digger in the first few years of the rushes seeking his fortune, a fossicker or alluvial miner, or a wage labourer on the deep-leads or hard-rock mines in Victoria or other colonies.
(3.) For further discussion of this see Anne Brewster "Writing Whiteness: the Personal Turn," Australian Humanities Review 35 June (2005); "Teaching The Tracker in Germany: a journal of whiteness," in The Racial Politics of Bodies, Nations and Knowledges, eds Barbara Baird & Damien Riggs (Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, in press); "Beach combing: a fossicker's guide to whiteness and indigenous sovereignty," in Practice-led Research, Research-led Practice in the Creative Arts, eds Roger Dean & Hazel Smith (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, in press)
The fossickers who are from the Rashaida tribe in eastern Sudan claimed that the attack took place near the North Darfur state remote area of Dissa on the border with Libya.
Bingara is located in an area called Fossickers Way, situated on the Gwydir River in the North West of NSW.
A gold-bearing ore body outcrop at the foot of limestone hills at Jambusan about seven kilometers from Bau had been worked by Chinese fossickers over many years.
Thus, by now the new work was called for, and it conscientiously does its updating duty by flagging doubtful old information; taking account of the last four decades or so of advances in analytical techniques and changes in species nomenclature; posting notice of changes in the status of localities; even giving helpful advice to fossickers (the Australian term for field collectors) who might want to dig Tasmanian treasures for themselves.