foster brother

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Noun1.foster brother - your foster brother is a male who is not a son of your parents but who is raised by your parents
male person, male - a person who belongs to the sex that cannot have babies
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That is the good knight and great lord Sir Kay the Seneschal, foster brother to our liege the king.
He had also revealed another fact about his life in a speech made in a public event in 2013 that he was foster brother of a Sikh boy, Gurdutt Singh.
Meanwhile, there's a foreign trip to plan for, a ball obsessed Labrador to contend with, and a foster brother who needs teaching in the ways of the world.
One's a son grieving for his late dad, the other says he's his foster brother who's come to pay his respects.
But at his father's funeral, this chap Andrew, played by Rob, turns up, who is a foster brother of his.
In the six-part series, Webb plays Andrew, foster brother of Mitchell's character Stephen - and they have younger versions of themselves for the flashback scenes.
Julian is his shy and sweet former foster brother, an incoming freshman with dyslexia.
A life spent in and out of foster care has left her with some serious trust issues, but the few who make it through her barriers--including a vulnerable fellow foster brother and a motherly therapist--will find staunch loyalty.
Last week, TV channels broadcasted two video statements of former minister for petroleum Dr Asim in which he was seen leveling serious allegations against former president Asif Zardari and his foster brother Owais Muzaffar aka Tappi.
It is narrated through the eyes of twelve year old, farmer's son, Jack and tells the heartbreaking story of his new fourteen year old foster brother Joseph--a boy with a troubled past and a baby daughter called Jupiter who he longs to see.
Adulterous Generation offers relief via a few rare instances of genuine human connection -- the foster brother who stays with his sibling as he waits to get in trouble, the clerk who helps a robber get away because she wants to get away too.
Matt Costain, in the dual role of Hetty's foster brother Jem and the heartless Matron Bottomly, was particularly nimble, even managing a costume change at a height of around 20ft without missing a beat.