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Noun1.foster-father - a man who is a foster parent
father figure, father surrogate - a man who takes over all the functions of the real father
foster parent, foster-parent - a person who acts as parent and guardian for a child in place of the child's natural parents but without legally adopting the child
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`Madame,' said the president, `may reference be made to the Count of Monte Cristo, who is now, I believe, in Paris?' -- `Sir,' replied Haidee, `the Count of Monte Cristo, my foster-father, has been in Normandy the last three days.'
The princes had been named by their foster-father Bahman and Perviz, after two of the ancient kings of Persia, while the princess was called Parizade, or the child of the genii.
Joseph, the spouse of the Virgin Mary and foster-father of Jesus Christ, is celebrated on March 19 every year.
The golden rays emanating from God as elderly Father suggest the same, as does the absence of Mary's husband--the often-styled foster-father Joseph--who fails to warrant an appearance.
THE foster-father of murdered schoolgirl Billie-Jo Jenkins said yesterday he was not "pointing the finger" at anyone after calls for police to reopen the investigation into her killing.
Cardiffian Gary Buckland, hoping to force himself into the British lightweight mix, keeps active with a six-rounder against Torquay's Iranian-born Ali Wyatt, whose foster-father, former pro Wally, hails from Newport.
MURDERED schoolgirl Billie-Jo Jenkins' foster-father has married an heiress.
Billie-Jo's foster-father Sion Jenkins, 46, is appealing against a murder conviction for bludgeoning his daughter to death seven years ago with a metal tent peg.