foundation garment

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foundation garment

(Clothing & Fashion) a woman's undergarment worn to shape and support the figure; brassiere or corset

founda′tion gar`ment

an undergarment worn to support or shape the torso, esp. a corset.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: garment - a woman's undergarment worn to give shape to the contours of the body
corset, stays, girdle - a woman's close-fitting foundation garment
roll-on - a woman's foundation garment rolled on to the hips
undergarment, unmentionable - a garment worn under other garments
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The dress is the foundation garment on which to build your looks, from statement colour-block peplum styles in modernist hues to ultimate monochrome body-con in on-trend satin.
This is no small feat, given that, particularly in the last 10 years, the industry has seen more movement than a fuller figure without adequate foundation garment support.
Because a good foundation garment can do such a vital job for a woman, she is eternally grateful to anyone who helps her find one--and that's why any service you can give her is worth while.
After all, this is THE essential foundation garment of the 90s.
Indeed, in her stretchy foundation garment and black pants, it's hard not to see the stubble-headed Wright as a postmaterial Madonna.
A proper foundation garment sets you up for life, was her mantra.
A good solid bra or foundation garment is imperative.
You can't imagine Heathcliff giving Cathy an inadequate foundation garment with red bows on and it all being all right, can you?
In fact, throughout the review, on three occasions, we managed to describe the brasserie as a ladies' foundation garment.
Y-fronts come out of the closet and is now recognised as a style classic and a foundation garment for the essential 'Gucci' look.
Wear a supportive, well-fitting bra or upper-body foundation garment in order to have a clean, consistent bust shape to fit.
Attach these notions to a brand of beer, a cigar, a bicycle or a foundation garment and you begin to see how psychological subtext and Mucha image synthesised in the consumers mind.

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