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1. The act of founding, especially the establishment of an institution with provisions for future maintenance.
2. Architecture A wall or other structure, as of concrete or masonry, usually extending below ground level and forming the base upon which a building rests.
3. Something that gives rise to or supports something else. See Synonyms at base1.
a. Funds for the perpetual support of an institution; an endowment.
b. An institution founded and supported by an endowment.
5. A cosmetic used as a base for facial makeup.
6. A supporting undergarment, such as a corset or girdle, designed to give the body a more desirable shape. Also called foundation garment.

[Middle English fundacioun, from Latin fundātiō, fundātiōn-, from fundātus, past participle of fundāre, to lay the groundwork for; see found1.]

foun·da′tion·al adj.
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Arising from or going to the root or source:
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Global Banking News-September 3, 2019-eMoney Advisor adds life insurance gap analysis to expand foundational planning solution
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 3, 2019-eMoney Advisor adds life insurance gap analysis to expand foundational planning solution
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-September 3, 2019-eMoney Advisor adds life insurance gap analysis to expand foundational planning solution
One is apt to raise the question of freedom of speech as it is one of the foundational characteristics of a democratic nation.
The registration of Huduma Namba shall be through the National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS) that will be a primary database for both foundational and functional data, from which every other database with personal data of residents in Kenya will be built.
These sectors are commonly referred to as the foundational economy.
According to Gemalto, using the latest biometric capture and identity verification techniques, its solutions enable public authorities to empower citizens with a fully secured and trusted Foundational Identity.
Higher Council for Coordinating Dinka Abyei Affairs (HCCDAA) Chairman Chole Muien, said Abyei Youth Union ( AYU) which has held its foundational conference recently required attention and concern.
The Foundational Economy Challenge Fund announced by the First Minister aims to help develop Wales' regional economy to make sure our wealth is shared more evenly across Wales.
The book 'Foundational Thoughts of Pakistan Movement' that has been launched this 23rd of March'19 is another effort for giving support to and meeting the objectives of the same purpose.
The courses included the main war course for naval officers, which plays key role in training officers for tactical military operations; foundational course for naval officers; individuals' foundational operations course where recruits receive training for navigation as well as communication of instructions; and naval rehabilitation course which is the first course that members of the naval force have to pass as it deals with the basics of administration and work places.

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