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n. Baseball
A home run.
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Mitchell Nathanson hits a four-bagger with this richly researched biography of baseball legend Dick Allen that reveals the player's complexities in the context of the racial discrimination of his era, incorporating factors like the club owners' control over the game and its players.
Ruth's four-bagger was the first ball ever hit completely out of Yankee Stadium.
In his opening match of the four-player stepladder finals, Abdulla lost 194-225 to American Scott Norton, who threw a four-bagger in frames seven to 10 to eliminate the Bahraini.
This was the last game of the season and Harrison's four-bagger helped earn the win for the Birds.
But the University of Oregon has finished a design for the rest of its new baseball field that people in the athletic department say will make it a four-bagger.
That quote, and many other wonderful stories, tidbits, and little-known facts about the home run (or four-bagger, or dinger, or dialing , or going deep, or touching them all, or going downtown, or watching Dr.
Additionally, Old Style will sponsor a home run promotion on behalf of Cubs Care: $100 for every Cubs' two-run four-bagger, $300 for every three-run dinger and $1,000 for every Cub grand slam.
In measuring how the four-bagger has become more prevalent in the game though the years, raw counting totals will not suffice.
In his first at bat he cleaned a pitch for a four-bagger off the Braves' Dick Hoover, in relief of loser Gene Conley.
On July 4, 1976, the Phillies' Tim McCarver lost a four-bagger on the 200th anniversary of our country when he passed Garry Maddox on first base as Maddox retreated back to first a la Caruso.