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n. Baseball
A home run.
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The Raiders hit two home runs on the day; Reed had a four-bagger and Schinzler had a long ball, both in the fifth inning.
Hart's farewell four-bagger came on June 21, 2015, giving Pittsburgh its only runs in a 9-2 loss to Washington.
Ruth's four-bagger was the first ball ever hit completely out of Yankee Stadium.
In his opening match of the four-player stepladder finals, Abdulla lost 194-225 to American Scott Norton, who threw a four-bagger in frames seven to 10 to eliminate the Bahraini.
This was the last game of the season and Harrison's four-bagger helped earn the win for the Birds.
But the University of Oregon has finished a design for the rest of its new baseball field that people in the athletic department say will make it a four-bagger. The plan includes a partial roof, covered concession areas, suites, grassy berms and plenty of seats with back rests.
Baze achieved his 'four-bagger', to use the US vernacular, at Bay Meadows in Northern California, where he won on the first four of six mounts.
That quote, and many other wonderful stories, tidbits, and little-known facts about the home run (or four-bagger, or dinger, or dialing , or going deep, or touching them all, or going downtown, or watching Dr.
Proctor and a fellow Crow named Karl Kabenek got on their e-mail beat and turned out a delighted audience....Don't look now, but Janine Nyre (Editor, Windy City Newsletter) has just hit a "four-bagger," in their Issue 3, 2000.
Additionally, Old Style will sponsor a home run promotion on behalf of Cubs Care: $100 for every Cubs' two-run four-bagger, $300 for every three-run dinger and $1,000 for every Cub grand slam.
In measuring how the four-bagger has become more prevalent in the game though the years, raw counting totals will not suffice.
Fremd already led 2-0 on RBI from Anna Freveletti and Sophia Crescio when Mazur's four-bagger put the Vikings up 4-0.