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n. Baseball
A home run.
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Ferrell fit into that period well by hitting 38 four-baggers in his career, including a pinch hit homer in 1935.
Dodgers' inaugural season--such as a three-homer game on April 24 from the Cubs' Lee Walls, who had hit only six four-baggers during the entire 1957 season.
Ashley Howe, Nikki Berube, freshman Laura Gallagher and Jocelyn Goodale who had two homers all joined the Big E with long four-baggers. Veteran umpires Mike Lasorsa and Bryan Baxter said to me that they have never seen such a power hitting display as the one put on by Howie Klash's Wildcats.
It's the big winners, what Peter Lynch calls the "four-baggers" (stocks that quadruple or more), not the small winners, that produce profitable portfolios.
Tino Martinez lost two four-baggers in the messy Wrigley fray.
For the Firecrackers, who have become a NSA elite squad very quickly, Boris was joined in the power splurge by Morgan Murphy, Jackie Streeter of Oakmont and Nikki Pratt of GHS who whacked four-baggers, while Nashoba Regional's Hannah Pirez smashed three doubles.
In fact, at the end of the century Roger Connor was the career leader in home runs with 138, and only seven players had smashed 100 or more four-baggers. During the first two decades of the new century, an era commonly referred to as the Deadball Era, home run production by batters decreased from the general production rate of the 19th century.
Power retired with 126 four-baggers, one of which was apparently a gift.