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Of or being an overprinting or photographic process in which three primary colors and black are transferred by four different plates or filters to a surface, reproducing the colors of the subject matter.
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The 20-page, four-color brochure presents the company's continued development of advanced solutions designed in response to the needs for more accurate analysis, ease of operation and increased productivity, according to the company.
The company has announced it will no longer use the four-color Windows logo now seen on Microsoft products for two decades.
Pressroom ceiling height precluded installation of a four-color tower.
Together, the two swatchbooks offer a convenient way to compare solid Pantone Colors with their simulations in offset four-color, HP Indigo four-color and HP IndiChrome on-press six-color processes.
Extrusion lines for the production of silicone rubber tubes and profiles are highlighted in this four-page, four-color brochure.
Whereas the high-resolution color camera can possibly mistake brown boxboard for magazines with brown print, safe detection with a CMYK sensor is considerably more likely, as brown board is seldom printed using the costly four-color process.
Mold-Masters has already designed a four-color system for one customer that features four different sets of channels and nozzles, each fed by a separate injection unit.
(CISA) has just released its all-new "Foundry Equipment Buyers Guide." This 16-page, four-color guide is designed to help foundry personnel specify, select, install and properly utilize equipment most suited to your needs This booklet "walks" you through the steps to a successful evaluation and installation through numerous check lists, diagrams, charts and definitions.--Casting Industry Suppliers Assn.
The four-color problem poses this hypothesis: Every map can be colored with at most four colors in such a way that all neighboring countries are colored differently.
said Wednesday it has developed what it calls is the world's first charge-coupled device (CCD) with a four-color filter for use in consumer digital cameras.
Illustrations are done in a four-color guide and the latest technology provides updated tips on editing and special effects.