four-color process

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four′-col′or proc`ess

a printing process in which artwork is photographed through a succession of color filters to produce four plates, three of which are printed with colored inks and one with black.
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For example, being able to hit a specific PMS or logo color of a client, and then move into the Domino digital to do the four-color process imaging or variable printing, the two hits of opaque white, to be able to add textures, and then to be able to add cold foil to the label.
The calendar was converted utilizing Clearwater Candesce[R] SBS paperboard, cold foiled, and offset printed with four-color process inks, DiamondTouch soft touch coating, DiamondEmboss coating, and UV gloss spot coating.
The Cool Fish Wines label was produced using a four-color process screenprint with UV ink.
The company was one of the first to introduce four-color process, computer-to-plate technology, digital printing, servo-driven presses and many other innovations.
TK HyUnity Kaleido Ink four-color process inks incorporate specially formulated, highly saturated pigments that enable it to offer a wider color gamut closer to Adobe RGB.
The business unit will focus on the growing industrial decorating market for on-demand, variable and short-run marking and decorating applications in both four-color process and spot colors.
It has a choice of settings for solid, screened, or four-color process images.
Waccamaw Publishers has tripled the amount of four-color process pages available to its advertisers in its three weeklies -- The Horry Independent, The Loris Scene, and the News & Shopper -- and nearly doubled running speed.
Whereas the high-resolution color camera can possibly mistake brown boxboard for magazines with brown print, safe detection with a CMYK sensor is considerably more likely, as brown board is seldom printed using the costly four-color process.
"The four-color process printing on the bags is hot as well."