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Specified by or exhibiting four dimensions, such as the three spatial dimensions and single temporal dimension of relativity theory.
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(General Physics) having or specified by four dimensions, esp the three spatial dimensions and the dimension of time: a four-dimensional continuum.
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1. of our having four dimensions.
2. of a space having points, or a set having elements, that require four coordinates for their unique determination.
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Adj.1.four-dimensional - involving or relating to the fourth dimension or time
multidimensional - having or involving or marked by several dimensions or aspects; "multidimensional problems"; "a multidimensional proposition"; "a multidimensional personality"
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And he says that given our current observation, this condition also applies to the Euclidean space-time four-dimensional curve involving imaginary time.
The four-dimensional matrix domain has fundamental importance for this article.
Analysis performed within four-dimensional CDT with a positive cosmological constant indicates the presence of three different phases of the gravitational field, called A, B, and C [6].
In this paper, we introduce an initial value control circuit design for the modified four-dimensional Lorenz-Stenflo system.
Of the clinic's anti-aging technology, Hindy's favorite is the Fotona 4D, which allows four-dimensional skin lifting to address sagging, nasolabial folds, fine lines and wrinkles-all without having to go under the knife or without downtime.
An author of some 600 scientific articles and 16 books, he also is credited with developing a new research field dubbed four-dimensional electron microscopy.
Rick Tiemann--president of the Executive Group, an organizational development firm that specializes in assessments for selection and development--pointed out that there are several types of assessment tools, ranging from simple four-dimensional assessments (e.g., Myers-Briggs, DiSC, Predictive Index, etc.) to more sophisticated psychological assessments (e.g., 16 PF, Hogan, CPI, etc.).
Their suggestion: our known universe could be the three-dimensional "wrapping" around a four-dimensional black hole's event horizon.
"We need a more blue-sky approach to four-dimensional reciprocal projections."
Invited contributors working in this area present 10 survey and exposition papers on such topics as noncommutative solenoids and their projective modules, projective multi-resolutions analyses over irrational rotation algebras, the regularity of abelian linear actions, a four-dimensional continuous wavelet transform, and high-frequency tail index estimation by nearly tight frames.
In this paper, an adaptive generalized synchronization of the four-dimensional Lorenz-Stenflo system [7-12] with uncertain chaotic parameters strategy by GYC partial region stability theory is proposed [13-16].
Sonner mapped the entangled quarks onto a four-dimensional space, considered a representation of space-time.