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Specified by or exhibiting four dimensions, such as the three spatial dimensions and single temporal dimension of relativity theory.


(General Physics) having or specified by four dimensions, esp the three spatial dimensions and the dimension of time: a four-dimensional continuum.


1. of our having four dimensions.
2. of a space having points, or a set having elements, that require four coordinates for their unique determination.
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Adj.1.four-dimensional - involving or relating to the fourth dimension or time
multidimensional - having or involving or marked by several dimensions or aspects; "multidimensional problems"; "a multidimensional proposition"; "a multidimensional personality"
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Many metaphysicians tell us that out world is one in which persisting objects are four-dimensionally extended in time, and persist by being partially present at each moment at which they exist.
One has to think four-dimensionally when it comes to evaluating the extreme fire danger that lurks in many of the country's forests: individual tree species, elevation, weather, and social attitudes.
A world that exists four-dimensionally might have the added quality of being a better place than the world as imagined by most people, and it might even include life after death for us (pace Spinoza).