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Adj.1.four-lobed - having four lobes
many-sided, multilateral - having many parts or sides
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It is of a four-lobed, or quatrefoil, shape and has the inscription AVE MARIA (meaning 'Hail Mary') on the front face in a Lombardic script.
Napoleon doesn't have the breadth of Chinese Giant and is a classic four-lobed blocky bell pepper, somewhat variable, fairly long at 6, sometimes 8, inches.
One of the most spectacular examples of this is their earrings of gold, hammered into a four-lobed shape, often engraved with elaborate designs.
The granite sculpture, designed by County Durham-based artist Peter Sales and produced by North East Granite, depicts a four-lobed Willmore torus symbol.
The latter is characterized by a dominant y polarized component, a weaker twolobed z component and an even weaker four-lobed x component.
In this example, the running speed range of the four-lobed (primary rotor) screw compressor was 3,000-5,000 rpm which corresponded to a primary excitation frequency range of 200-333 Hz (second order of excitation ranged from 400-666 Hz.).
Examples include: (1) marginal bilabiate and central tubular (some species of Aphyllocladus), (2) marginal bilabiate, sub-bilabiate, or true ray and central tubular-bilabiate (some species of Chaetanthera), (3) marginal sub-bilabiate, tubular four- or five-lobed and central tubular five-lobed (Adenocaulon), (4) marginal tubular four-lobed and central five-lobed (Eriachaenium Sch.