four-part harmony

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Noun1.four-part harmony - harmony in which each chord has four notes that create four melodic lines
musical harmony, harmony - the structure of music with respect to the composition and progression of chords
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The group, whose members sing in four-part harmony a cappella style, is keen for more singers to join and get the chance to sing on the international stage.
The Spring Show includes the 40 member Chorus of Du Page singing many favorites in four-part harmony. A special musical comedy routine will delight along with performances by the chapter's quartets.
Bach's reputation soared following the 19th century "Bach revival," as the music world gained a new appreciation for his innovative use of four-part harmony, modulations of key, and mastery of counterpoint and fugue.
Joe Perkin, a wool sorter and choir master, of Cliffe, near Holmfirth, was paid two guineas for a four-part harmony arrangement.
The choir, under the control of choir master Graham Hinton, and organist Jeremy Harbottle, normally sing in three or four-part harmony. There are vacancies in each section, particularly tenor and bass.
Me and my brother and sisters would beam when we'd strike a cheeky four-part harmony. We were very lame.
Four-part harmony from Basti Atardi, Lara Maigue, Ogie Alcasid and Davey Langit -PHOTO BY ELOISA LOPEZ
Chase Park Festival 2016 will also feature Canada's Stranger Stranger and Memphis Industries' Tyneside four-part harmony outfit The Cornshed Sisters.
2 Which multi-faceted four-part harmony vocal group hit the U.K.
Three Spires Harmony chorus is running its annual Learn to Sing course to inspire men to sing in four-part harmony.
Its members have been singing four-part harmony a cappella since 1945.
The Poozies' sound includes electro-harp, fiddle and accordion and spine-tingling songs in four-part harmony in a variety of genres including folk and pop.