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Noun1.four-pounder - an artillery gun that throws a shot weighing four pounds
artillery, heavy weapon, ordnance, gun - large but transportable armament
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In the course of a few days they surrounded their dwelling-house and magazines with a picket fence ninety feet square, flanked by two bastions, on which were mounted four four-pounders. Every day they exercised themselves in the use of their weapons, so as to qualify themselves for military duty, and at night ensconced themselves in their fortress and posted sentinels, to guard against surprise.
The four-pounder cannon from the 18th-century vessel was included as part of a sale of maritime items at Dumfries Auction Centre run by auctioneers Thomson Roddick.
Stuart Ryan landed a 10lb 12oz rainbow followed by a four-pounder. Mick Tedesco from Newcastle landed an excellent 9lb 7oz rainbow, while Phillip Harnby from Bishop Auckland had one of 6lb 9oz.
Paul Tyreman, from Livington Mines, managed nine rainbows, returning seven, on a Shipmen's Buzzer including the heaviest of the week, a four-pounder.
John's victory was helped by his first fish, a cracking four-pounder, which was retained, then another retained fish of 3lb 4oz that gave him an immediate advantage over Mike whose two retained fish weighed just short of 5lb.
My eldest daughter, who trains and rides endurance horses in France, has been chosen to advise a stable in the Middle East, who are flying her out first class - as a consequence she has invited me to lunch at one of my very favourite restaurants, Chez l'ami de Louis in the Rue Vertbois in Paris, where asparagus costs EUR10 a spear, although a pint of Hollandaise sauce comes free of charge; when you order chicken, they roast you a four-pounder, carve enough to overflow your plate and leave the rest for you to admire .
SIX sightings of a Couch's sea bream in 10 years was the average in UK waters when People Sport reported a prizewinning four-pounder recently.
French long-service professionals fought against Prussian conscripts, Chassepot rifles and Mitrailleuse machine guns against the Dreyse needle gun, Krupp's new steel breech-loading six-pounder gun against the French army's four-pounder bronze muzzle-loaders, an efficient general staff against a poor one.
Then a tall, red-headed boy brought in a four-pounder. It was a nice fish, but I wasn't about to give up.
I knew for sure I'd got my four-pounder, but I had to reweigh it three times before I believed what I was seeing.
A four-pounder cannon from HMS Bounty - on which Acting Lieutenant Fletcher Christian staged a mutiny in 1787- was later gifted to Captain Stewart of the Orealla.
The best fish landed this week was a four-pounder The next monthly competition will be held on Saturday, June 1.