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Adj.1.four-sided - having four sides
many-sided, multilateral - having many parts or sides
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The mallet is made of a hard heavy wood resembling ebony, is about twelve inches in length, and perhaps two in breadth, with a rounded handle at one end, and in shape is the exact counterpart of one of our four-sided razor-strops.
The tail was square and stubby and perfectly straight, and the four legs were made in the same way, each being four-sided. The animal was covered with a thick, smooth skin and had no hair at all except at the extreme end of its tail, where there grew exactly three stiff, stubby hairs.
Other features include four-sided enclosures on each tray to keep items in place during their journey, cleats on both sides of the tray for forced discharge, low energy consumption using a friction drive system, and lightweight construction that enables the system to be installed on standard mezzanine floors.
Teacher can search YouTube for "four-sided hologram videos" and copy links onto class blog/webpage/Edmodo for students to easily pull up.
Zarif will take part in a four-sided meeting of the foreign ministers of Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkey and Georgia .
1 What name is given to a tall four-sided monument, such as Cleopatra's Needle?
It is a four-sided piece that can be made into 30 plus various designs.
The boldest design to date features a slender, sterling silver, four-sided swivel pendant that has the option for personalization on one or any of the four sides.
The V-600 Series is designed specifically for pouches with a four-sided seal, and is ideal for manufacturers in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, medical device and personal healthcare industries in web widths from 6" to 22".
In the center of the four-sided cementness of the wall a window,
Held Logic's popular GlenDel Buck now includes their Poly-Fusion four-sided shooting core.