n. pl. four·gons (-gôN′, -gôNz′)
A wagon for carrying baggage.

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(Automotive Engineering) a long covered wagon, used mainly for carrying baggage, supplies, etc
[C19: from French: from Old French forgon poker, from furgier to search, ultimately from Latin fūr thief]
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n., pl. -gons (-ˈgɔ̃, -ˈgɔ̃z)
a covered wagon for carrying baggage.
[1840–50; < French]
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References in classic literature ?
There was Sir John's great carriage that would hold thirteen people; my Lord Methuselah's carriage, my Lord Bareacres' chariot, britzska, and fourgon, that anybody might pay for who liked.
'We have had, of course,' said the young lady, who was rather reserved and haughty, 'to leave the carriages and fourgon at Martigny.
Arrive a bord d'un vehicule noir, conduit par son chauffeur, vers 9h40, il est ressorti vers 12h dans un fourgon des etablissements penitentiaires, escorte par deux vehicules de police.
One pattern of abbreviated development in brittle stars includes a non-feeding vitellaria larva that swims in the plankton for only a few days before metamorphosing into a juvenile (Brooks and Grave, 1899; Mortensen, 1921, 1938; Stancyk, 1973; Hendler, 1982, 1991; Komatsu and Shoshaku, 1993; Selvakumaraswamy and Byrne, 2004; Cisternas and Byrne, 2005; Fourgon et al., 2005).
La version VU est presentee elle aussi en premiere mondiale au salon de Hanovre, en deux versions: cabine approfondie et fourgon de 4,75 metres.
Sur la video, on voit des policiers anti-emeutes battre avec des matraques un homme nu, la cinquantaine, qu'ils ont traEne avant de l'embarquer dans un fourgon blinde, en poste devant le palais.
Fenton, accompagne de trois preparateurs, quittait Londres, emportant avec lui une sorte de fourgon qui devait lui servir de laboratoire et d'atelier.
It is the old saying: the pot calls the kettle black." [69] In this easily reversible proverb, "the kettle calls the pot black," (la poele se moque du fourgon) the male, phallic "fourgon" or "oven-fork" accuses the female "poele" or "fire-shovel" of being "dirty" or blackened with soot.