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1. Games Involving or requiring four players: fourhanded bridge.
2. Designed for four hands, as a piano duet.
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Adj.1.fourhanded - (of card games) involving or requiring four players
card game, cards - a game played with playing cards
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Modern hotel building made of wooden materials is in harmony with the forest, situated near the famous Austrian touristic centre Zelden, fourhanded by the mountain heights that reach 3000m above the sea levels and by a stream.
David Pipe could be fourhanded in the race with Decoy, Beyond, Martial Law and Ashbrittle all likely to line up.
If there is a drama group out there looking for a very funny, felicitously written fourhanded play that will come totally new to its audience, it need look no further.
Although fourhanded piano is extremely difficult, this dynamic duo weaved a tapestry of music.