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1. Composed of four parts; fourfold; quadruple.
2. Having four apartments, divisions, or floors: a fourplex apartment building.

four′plex′ n.


(Architecture) dialect US a residential building containing four separate units

fourplex (house)

n (US) → Vierfamilienhaus nt
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Smith contracted with Peter Nolen Properties in June 2007 to manage her fourplex at 601 Eastmont Ave.
We have the misfortune of having a two-story fourplex looming over our bedroom and backyard in our westside neighborhood.
From the beginning of the plant build-out thru construction of the fourplex to obtaining a very significant order for single family housing took less than nine months.
Serotype-specific detection of dengue viruses in a fourplex real-time reverse transcriptase PCR assay.
4615 NW B Avenue Two-story fourplex house has 2,680sq.
2) Out of the thirty units in the CHA, there was one fourplex and two triplexes containing ten units reserved for elderly tenants.
The Sunnyside neighborhood covers about 135 acres and is densely packed with retail business and a mix of old and new duplex, fourplex, multistory apartments and converted single-family homes now holding a family of students.
Because the properties are a fourplex and two family respectively, they are smaller than what we would like to keep in our management portfolio for the area, and so the decision was made to list the properties for sale.
They've rescued a mannequin from a demolished fourplex and practiced going through concrete with their tools.
Rod Wright, who represents a district that includes Palos Verdes, Lawndale, Hawthorne, Gardena, Inglewood, Compton and parts of South Los Angeles, it would mean moving out of his fourplex in Inglewood, which he listed as his residence when he registered to vote in 2007, or his single-family home near Baldwin Hills that is not in the district, and moving to either Compton or South Los Angeles.
This stand alone FOURPLEX is part of 19 units for sale & may be purchased separate.
When the firefighters arrived they found the apartment's two occupants waiting safely outside, along with three neighbours who evacuated from an upstairs unit of the fourplex when they heard the alarm.