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1. Composed of four parts; fourfold; quadruple.
2. Having four apartments, divisions, or floors: a fourplex apartment building.

four′plex′ n.
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(Architecture) dialect US a residential building containing four separate units
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fourplex (house)

n (US) → Vierfamilienhaus nt
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With other investors, O'Connell's biggest project was a $30 million purchase and redevelopment of the formerly University of Oregon-owned Westmoreland Village duplex and fourplex property in 2011.
A fourplex apartment project in Little Rock sold for $276,500.
Smith contracted with Peter Nolen Properties in June 2007 to manage her fourplex at 601 Eastmont Ave., East Wenatchee.
Because the properties are a fourplex and two family respectively, they are smaller than what we would like to keep in our management portfolio for the area, and so the decision was made to list the properties for sale." Blumenkehl said the Boyd Ave.
* Property description (Single Family, Duplex, Fourplex, Mobile Home ...)
Property values are rising and the fourplex co-op is likely to be turned into a condominium development--too rich for most of the original inhabitants, who in society's eyes are losers existing on handouts and drowning as social services and subsidies shrink.
Fourplex owners were devastated to find that, in some cases, their property values had plummeted in less than a decade from more than $160,000 to less than $60,000.
But he was unsure if the vibrant color scheme he had selected for the panel and lap-sided fourplex buildings would hold up from phase to phase.
For residential property (up to fourplex), the time starts from the date you last provide labor, materials or services.
Each site has 12 to 14 3-bedroom/2-bath rental units built in either duplex or "fourplex" configuration.
Address: 91611th St., Bellingham Seller: Kenoyer &Company Buyer: 916 MJE, LLC Description: two-story fourplex with 4,136 square feet, built in 1977, .18 acres land; marine view.
We have the misfortune of having a two-story fourplex looming over our bedroom and backyard in our westside neighborhood.