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An ornamental braided cord usually looped around the left shoulder of a uniform, sometimes awarded to an entire military unit.

[French (term probably introduced by Napoleon I, the first to award the decoration to French units), from fourragère, feminine of fourrager, of or relating to forage (probably as in corde fourragère, alternate term for corde à fourrage, forage rope, a length of rope for trussing bundles of hay forming part of the kit of cavalry, traditionally carried by Austrian dragoons around their shoulders and later developing into an ornament from their practice) : fourrage, forage (from Old French forrage) ; see forage + -ier, adjectival suffix.]


(ˈfʊərəˌʒɛə; French furaʒɛr)
(Military) an ornamental cord worn on the shoulder of a uniform for identification or as an award, esp in the US and French Armies
[French, feminine adj of fourrager relating to forage, from fourrage forage]


(ˌfʊər əˈʒɛər)

1. an ornament of cord worn on the shoulder.
2. such a cord awarded as an honorary military decoration.
[1915–20; < French]