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1. A group of four persons or things, especially two couples.
2. An activity involving four people, such as a golf match.

[Middle English four-som, from Old English fēowra sum, one of four : fēowra, genitive pl. of fēower, four; see four + sum, one; see -some2.]


1. a set or company of four
2. (Golf) sport a game between two pairs of players, esp a form of golf in which each partner in a pair takes alternate strokes at the same ball. Compare fourball, greensome
3. (modifier) of or performed by a company of four: a foursome competition.


(ˈfɔr səm, ˈfoʊr-)

1. a company or set of four; two pairs.
2. a golf match between two pairs of players.


 two pairs of golfers—Wilkes, 1867.
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Noun1.foursome - four people considered as a unit; "he joined a barbershop quartet"; "the foursome teed off before 9 a.m."
assemblage, gathering - a group of persons together in one place
quadrumvirate - a group of four men
2.foursome - the cardinal number that is the sum of three and onefoursome - the cardinal number that is the sum of three and one
digit, figure - one of the elements that collectively form a system of numeration; "0 and 1 are digits"
فرقة من أربَعَه


[ˈfɔːsəm] Ngrupo m de cuatro


[ˈfɔːrsəm] n
(= quartet) → quatuor m
(= game of four players) → partie f à quatrefour-star petrol n (British)super(carburant) m


[ˈfɔːsəm] n (game) → partita a quattro
we went in a foursome → siamo andati in quattro


(foː) noun
1. the number or figure 4.
2. the age of 4.
1. 4 in number.
2. aged 4.
having four (of something). a four-man team.
fourth noun
1. one of four equal parts.
2. (also adjective) the last of four (people, things etc); the next after the third.
ˈfoursome noun
a group of four people, especially for playing games, eg golf. We'll play in a foursome.
ˈfour-year-old noun
a person or animal that is four years old.
(of a person, animal or thing) that is four years old.
on all fours
on hands and knees. He went up the steep path on all fours.
References in classic literature ?
Dolly plays golf too, though I believe not so well, and they first met in a mixed foursome. We all like her, and are very much pleased.
On one particular green there were eight bodies stretched where a foursome with its caddies had held to their game to the last.
Team Southeast Asia dominated its Philippine counterpart in the first day of the Pradera Ladies Challenge yesterday, zooming to a 7-3 lead after four-ball and foursome matches at Pradera Verde in Lubao, Pampanga.
Winning first-place honors with a terrific score of 59 were Ron Bouchard, John McManus, Robbie Bouchard and Richard Snaith from Ron Bouchard's Auto Stores, edging the runner-up foursome of Dr.
Each foursome will be paired with a wounded I warrior and the entire event will be military-themed.
As it stands his side are tackling Monty's challenge head on with all six European pairings up overnight (see box for scores in the four fourballs and two foursome clashes still to be completed).
The format played was modified scramble and prizes were awarded for Closest to the Pin, Longest Drive, Low Gross Foursome, Low Net Foursome and High Gross Foursome.
Taking first place in the outing was foursome Matt Herman, Farm Journal Media; Andy Grobengieser, New Holland and Will Murphy, Farm Journal Media.
Rather than a series of short stories, however, Foursome feels like a compilation of poetry--alternatively tender and humorous, but always vivid.
A foursome heads down a fairway Monday afternoon at the Middlefield Golf Course at Cottage Grove.
This year's top winner with the best overall gross score was the foursome from the firm of Steven deLaroche.
What's the purpose in joining, they argue, if there are not enough black members to have a foursome? Plus, the new golf communities that are going up have a diverse racial mix from the start and some have facilities as nice, if not nicer than the old guard clubs.