(Philately) of or relating to mail that is carried at the lowest rate
(Philately) by fourth-class mail

fourth′ class′

(in the U.S. Postal Service) the class of mail consisting of merchandise weighing one pound or more and not sealed against inspection.
[1860–65, Amer.]


1. of, pertaining to, or designated as a class next below third.
2. by fourth-class mail.
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Contract notice: "repair of sections of the street network and part of a fourth-class road network from the territory of sitovo municipality".
A total of 350 second-class police officers will be promoted to first class; 500 third-class police officers will be promoted to second class; 350 fourth-class police officers will be upgraded to third class; and hundreds of other officers will be promoted to fourth class.
Tenders are invited for Rehabilitation of the fourth-class road network - time PVN 3170 "/ PVN 1146, Valchitran - Borislav / Squirrel - Odarne - railway Odarne station ", ie from the end of the village to the railway Odarne Station Odarne - Patching holes and deformations in asphalt pavement of streets in settlements of Pordim Municipality - Pordim city and village Valchitran.
1 - winter maintenance, snow removal and sanding of fourth-class road network and road network in the villages in the municipality of chepelare as follows: hvoyna village walnut village malevo, pavelsko village zornitca with .