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CSCR -- * p value <0.05 ** p value <0.01 BCVA: Best Corrected Visual Acuity CMT: Central Minimum Thickness (at the foveola) AMT: Average Macular Thickness MDA: Malondialdehyde Table 3.
The subfoveal choroidal thickness was defined as the choroidal thickness measured at the center of the foveola. Each image was measured by two independent technicians.
str.) foveola Erichson, 1834, Plaesius (Plaesius) javanus Erichson, 1834 and Plaesius (Hyposolenus) laevigatus Marseul, 1853 have been reported in banana crops from Central American countries, Venezuela and Indonesia (Boscan de Martinez & Godoy, 1991; Barrera & Jimenez, 1994; Gold et al., 2001; Mesquita, 2003; Abera-Kalibata et al., 2006).
Under light microscope, the surface of the stomach contains numerous and relatively deep depressions called gastric pits (or foveola) that are formed by the surface epithelium.
Foveola nonpeeling internal limiting membrane surgery to prevent inner retinal damages in early stage 2 idiopathic macula hole.
The pathophysiology is unknown; however one theory proposes a role for an intrauterine hypoxic stimulus that may then permit vascular proliferation reaching the center of the foveola [4].
In the center of the macula is the foveola (also termed fovea centralis), an area of 1.5 mm in diameter.
Burns were applied to macular area of diffuse retinal thickening, treating no closer than 500 um from the foveola and 500 um from the optic disc.
(1) The highest concentration of MP can be found at the foveola; it then decreases with increasing eccentricity.
(114), Aleochara bonariensis Lynch, 1884 (102), Histerpunctifer Paykull, 1811 (82), Omorgus suberosus Fabricius, 1775 (75), Omalodes foveola Erichson, 1834 (67), Loxandrus sp.