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n. pl. fo·ve·o·lae (-lē′) or fo·ve·o·las
A small fovea.

[New Latin, diminutive of Latin fovea, small pit.]
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n, pl -lae (-ˌliː)
(Biology) biology a small fovea
[C19: from New Latin, diminutive of fovea]
foˈveolar adj
foveolate, ˈfoveoˌlated adj
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of polyps Single 18 5 Multiple 33 2 Polyp Size < 5 mm 27 1 5-10 mm 23 4 > 10 mm 1 2 Location Antrum 1 2 Corpus 21 2 Cardia 4 2 Fundus 24 - Multiple gastric 1 - Other - - Helicobacter pylori Positive 7 6 Negative 44 1 Intestinal 3/51 6/7 metaplasia Atrophic gastritis 1/51 5/7 Polypoid Foveolar Inflamatory Hyperplasia Fibroid Polyp Polyp n 44/353 11/353 % 12.5 3.1 Age 56.0 [+ or -] 9.9 51.0 [+ or -] 18.1 Gender Female/Male 29/15 7/4 % 65.9/34.1 63.6/36.4 No.
They can be associated with surface villous shortening, gastric foveolar metaplasia, or peptic injury secondary to peptic duodenitis.
Characterization of four main cell types in gastric cancer: foveolar, mucopeptic, intestinal columnar and goblet cells.
Twenty-five (80.6%) out of 31 gastric biopsies were positive (nonspecific chronic active gastritis in 22, noncaseating granuloma in two, helicobacter association in two; and mild congestion, foveolar prominence and cystic dilatation each in one).
Drug induced gastritis was defined as absence of polymorphonuclear neutrophils and evident foveolar hyperplasia on histopathology.
Patients without important inflammation, but with prominent foveolar hyperplasia, fibromuscular replacement of the lamina propria, and congestion of superficial mucosal capillaries, were diagnosed with reactive gastropathy.
Histologically, the duodenal polyps showed edematous mucosa with variably dilated and branching glands, foci of gastric foveolar metaplasia, and blunted or absent intestinal villi.
Gastric polyps were present in about 10% of patients; these polyps mainly had the histologic characteristics of hyperplastic polyps, with foveolar hyperplasia and markedly proliferating, ectatic capillaries in the lamina propria.
Histologically, these lesions are classified as the gastric pyloric gland, gastric foveolar, intestinal, and biliary [4], with the pyloric subtype being the most common lesion (82%) [4].
Kim, "Aberrant expression of SOX2 upregulates MUC5AC gastric foveolar mucin in mucinous cancers of the colorectum and related lesions," International Journal of Cancer, vol.
We speculate that RP1L1 may modulate the effects of another cone dystrophy gene or autoimmune retinopathy contributing to allow sparing of the foveolar cones in the PCD phenotype.