fox hole

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: hole - a small dugout with a pit for individual shelter against enemy firefox hole - a small dugout with a pit for individual shelter against enemy fire
bunker, dugout - a fortification of earth; mostly or entirely below ground
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He was blown up but found in a fox hole and was stretchered to safety.
Literally at fox hole, basement level, I witness the paradigm shift from titillation to penetration in motion pictures.
The warfighter footprint will drive requirements; focus will be on urgency of distribution to the fox hole.
The Fox Hole club, which is about nine miles from the church, offered a truce but the pastor refused, saying "as a Christian community, we cannot share territory with the devil".
The Fox Hole club's owner has told the pastor he will call off his protest if the church ceases its demonstrations.
From the fox hole to the White House, Signal Soldiers plan, install, integrate, operate and maintain the Army's strategic, operational and tactical information-systems infrastructure.
Avery, I think there's a fox hole here," calls his father, coming back along the path.
She said: "I told police she had a fox hole she goes to sometimes.
In a fox hole myself I nearly shot the over-zealous Church of England padre for jumping into the back of mine.
In addition to commercial space, The Ascot Group has used its well-defined styling and practical design to create lasting impressions in lobbies and common areas in such apartment complexes as The Cloisters and Fox Hole Crescents, both in Washington, D.