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1. Any of various grasses of the genus Alopecurus, having dense, silky or bristly flowering spikes.
2. Any of several similar grasses, especially of the genera Hordeum and Setaria.


1. (Plants) any grass of the genus Alopecurus, esp A. pratensis, of Europe, Asia, and South America, having soft cylindrical spikes of flowers: cultivated as a pasture grass
2. (Plants) any of various similar and related grasses, esp any of the genus Setaria



1. the tail of a fox.
2. any of various grasses having soft brushlike spikes of flowers.
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Noun1.foxtail - grasses of the genera Alopecurus and Setaria having dense silky or bristly brushlike flowering spikesfoxtail - grasses of the genera Alopecurus and Setaria having dense silky or bristly brushlike flowering spikes
Alopecurus pratensis, meadow foxtail - stout erect perennial grass of northern parts of Old World having silky flowering spikes; widely cultivated for pasture and hay; naturalized in North America
meadow grass, meadowgrass - any of various grasses that thrive in the presence of abundant moisture
bristle grass, bristlegrass - grasses of grasslands and woodlands having large gracefully arching spikes with long bristles beneath each spikelet
giant foxtail - two species of coarse annual foxtails that are naturalized weeds in United States
glaucous bristlegrass, Setaria glauca, yellow bristle grass, yellow bristlegrass, yellow foxtail - common weedy and bristly grass found in nearly all temperate areas
bottle grass, bottle-grass, green bristlegrass, green foxtail, rough bristlegrass, Setaria viridis - European foxtail naturalized in North America; often a troublesome weed
foxtail millet, Hungarian grass, Italian millet, Setaria italica - coarse drought-resistant annual grass grown for grain, hay, and forage in Europe and Asia and chiefly for forage and hay in United States
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An awn goes by many names including foxtails, cheat grass, mean seeds, and more.
You can't wait with foxtails. The longer the grass awns have been in a dog, whether between his toes or up his nose or down his ear, the more damage they cause.
"In one week alone at the end of June we had seven dogs come in that needed foxtails removed from their throats," said Dr.
It's nice to have an emergency canine first-aid kit, a tick remover, and a comb to get those determined burrs or foxtails off Pepper before they dig their way in.
And white crowned sparrows are easier to pick out Among the foxtails,
to resurface gravel pathways, spruce up the front entry and remove foxtails.
Br.) is a member of the grass tribe Paniceae, as are green and yellow foxtail. Like foxtails, pearl millet typically has a compact, cylindrical spikelike panicle.
The article was probably "Foxtail Grass: Awns of Destruction," in the June 2018 issue, although we have run a number of articles about foxtails over the years.
Before you grab a leash and a slobbery tennis ball, though, you need to be aware of a prickly problem lurking in the bushes: foxtails.
In California, where I have spent all but one year of my life (so far) with dogs, there are two types of dog owners: those have spent a small fortune having veterinarians remove foxtails from some part of their dogs' bodies, and those who haven't--yet.
Foxtails, the bane of a California dog's existence, prompted Woody's first, second, and third trips to the vet this year.