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1. Inclined to make trouble; unruly.
2. Having a peevish nature; cranky.

[From fraction, discord (obsolete).]

frac′tious·ly adv.
frac′tious·ness n.
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Adv.1.fractiously - in a peevish manner
2.fractiously - in a fractious manner; "the horse was behaving fractiously and refused to jump"
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The prevailing political parties fractiously hang together as traditional ideology plays second fiddle to 'the big questions'.
Such a "society," Todd points out, could not withstand the divisive and fractiously polemical nature of postreform literary culture in which the implied reader has usually been broadly identified with an intelligentsia that was by definition engage.
A game that had bubbled fractiously along finally boiled over with a quarter of an hour to go when Vaughan was shown a straight red card for an incident that left Clayton Donaldson clutching his face.
Flow-based and place-based logics often fractiously collided in the marketplace.
However uneasily and fractiously, liberals and radicals share a basic understanding about what they loathe and about what the world will look like when they succeed in removing its injustices.
Robinson's democratic approach, however, stokes discord amid a collective already fractiously divided along cultural lines, with the boat's Russian and British crew members (the latter faction joined by wild-card Australian diver Fraser, played by a very ripe Ben Mendelsohn) conspiring viciously against each other.