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1. Inclined to make trouble; unruly.
2. Having a peevish nature; cranky.

[From fraction, discord (obsolete).]

frac′tious·ly adv.
frac′tious·ness n.
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Noun1.fractiousness - the trait of being prone to disobedience and lack of disciplinefractiousness - the trait of being prone to disobedience and lack of discipline
intractability, intractableness - the trait of being hard to influence or control
contrariness, perverseness, perversity - deliberate and stubborn unruliness and resistance to guidance or discipline
wildness - an unruly disposition to do as one pleases; "Liza had always had a tendency to wildness"; "the element of wildness in his behavior was a protest against repressive convention"
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nVerdrießlichkeit f; (of child)Aufsässigkeit f
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Again he strove for playfulness of speech, but it was too great a moment for even love fractiousness to enter in.
"Katy don't amoose me; and I must be amoosed, 'cause I 'm fwactious; mamma said I was!" sobbed Maud, evidently laboring under the delusion that fractiousness was some interesting malady.
Such is the fractiousness of the coalition of the supermajority, whose only 'common denominator' is the President, said Zarate, whose group joined the minority coalition.
The Cojuangco group has been blamed for the fractiousness that continues to afflict our sports organizations.
A statement by presidential spokesman, Garba Shehu, dismissed insinuations that President Buhari did not show full support for the APC while campaigning yesterday in Imo State, 'a state that has made headlines recently for the fractiousness within the ruling party there which has led to disagreements with the state governor, Rochas Okorocha.'
But, as he insists, 'having a mission to calm things down was ambitious, rather than passive', given the widely reported fractiousness between different constituencies at the RA in the years before his arrival.
Yet those you'd expect to be hailing this relief from fractiousness of the past see in Oli a single successor to the dozen 'potentates' that replaced the maligned monarchy.
She further appealed to Malaysians to forge ties that build and strengthen national resilience and to avoid divisiveness and fractiousness as these were recipes for the erosion of unity.
Whatever goes on in Khan's internal world, it emerges again and again as a kind of dark, moody fractiousness
He emerges as a contentious poetic subject, a figure of battle romance, and an emblem of modernist fragmentation and fractiousness. Centering the work of five exemplary Canadian war poets (Helena Coleman, John McCrae, Robert Service, Frank Prewett, and W.W.E.
The 70th anniversary is a chance to reach across our many different ethnic, faith and family heritages to reject the prejudice and intolerance that seem to have been given a new lease of life by the fractiousness and factionalism of current debates on race, identity and immigration.
In the past 18 months, I've had many debates with friends about whether the fractiousness and hyperbole about identity that has long been endemic to academia and the activist left would intrude into the wider world.