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frail 1

adj. frail·er, frail·est
1. Physically weak or delicate: an invalid's frail body; in frail health. See Synonyms at weak.
2. Easily broken or destroyed; fragile: a flower with a frail stem.
3. Not strong or substantial; slight: a frail voice; evidence too frail to stand up in court.
4. Easily led astray; morally weak.

[Middle English frele, from Old French, from Latin fragilis, from frangere, frag-, to break; see bhreg- in Indo-European roots.]

frail′ly adv.
frail′ness n.

frail 2

1. A rush basket for holding fruit, especially dried fruit.
2. The quantity of fruit, such as raisins or figs, that such a basket can hold.

[Middle English fraiel, from Old French.]
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The treatment of frailly must now concentrate on taking the individual components of muscle, bone, cardiovascular, and neuronal dysfunction, and treating them concurrently so that each component synergistically improves the other.
I held my breath whenever I saw someone hunching over a lighter, and I avoided stepping on flat cigarettes if even a thread of smoke remained, moving frailly through the air a few inches above the ground, as if it had once conquered a nation, or possibly just a lung, but now couldn't bear to lift itself higher than a stranger's foot.
Our second longest inpatient manages frailly to alight from the shower.