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frail 1

adj. frail·er, frail·est
1. Physically weak or delicate: an invalid's frail body; in frail health. See Synonyms at weak.
2. Easily broken or destroyed; fragile: a flower with a frail stem.
3. Not strong or substantial; slight: a frail voice; evidence too frail to stand up in court.
4. Easily led astray; morally weak.

[Middle English frele, from Old French, from Latin fragilis, from frangere, frag-, to break; see bhreg- in Indo-European roots.]

frail′ly adv.
frail′ness n.

frail 2

1. A rush basket for holding fruit, especially dried fruit.
2. The quantity of fruit, such as raisins or figs, that such a basket can hold.

[Middle English fraiel, from Old French.]
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Noun1.frailness - the state of being weak in health or body (especially from old age)
unfitness, softness - poor physical condition; being out of shape or out of condition (as from a life of ease and luxury)
asthenia, astheny - an abnormal loss of strength
cachexia, cachexy, wasting - any general reduction in vitality and strength of body and mind resulting from a debilitating chronic disease
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References in classic literature ?
Yet for all their frailness, how much jealousy and envy and unhappiness some of them managed to contain!
Possessed by most strong men's touching illusion as to the frailness of women and their spiritual fragility, it seemed to Anthony that he would be destroying, breaking something very precious inside that being.
Meeting him in the base camp was thrilling and a lesson in the frailness and sensitivity of a pioneers mind.
One example is to naturalize the "difference" between men and women by attributing idealized gender-specific skills and behaviors to women that were socially construed since childhood, including intrinsic aspects like sensitivity, frailness and feminine passivity.
Oyegun, as party chairman, should have mollified those wounded by Buhari's excesses, weaknesses or inadequacies but was unable to rise to the occasion for reasons of his own weakness as a leader and the frailness of the political structures that he presided over.
Her deceptive frailness makes you want to cheer for Sehmat, even though she is artfully manipulating all those around her.
malice of the Devil or by his own carnal will and frailness" and
However, for those patients needing a greater Level of support, due to increasing frailness or co-morbidities or the lack of supportive family members, this is not always possible.