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A style of black letter formerly used in German manuscripts and printing.

[German, from Latin frāctūra, a breaking (from the curlicues that appear to break up the word); see fracture.]


(German frakˈtuːr)
(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) a style of typeface, formerly used in German typesetting for many printed works
[German, from Latin fractūra a breaking, fracture; from the curlicues that seem to interrupt the continuous line of a word]



1. German black-letter text type.
2. (often l.c.) a stylized, highly decorative watercolor or calligraphic technique in the Pennsylvania-German tradition.
[1900–05, Amer.; < German < Latin frāctūra action of breaking (in reference to the curlicues that broke up the continuous line of a word). See fracture]
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th]-century Pennsylvania German decorative arts including ornately decorated fraktur, pottery and furniture.
Akut fraktur, neoplazi, enfeksiyon, abdominal ve pelvik organlardan yayilan ya da gebelige bagli olan bel agrili hastalar calisma disi birakildi.
Yapilan calismalarda depresyonun pre ve post menapozal kadinlarda artmis fraktur riskiyle iliskili oldugu gosterilirken erkeklerde bu iliski kurulmamistir (18).
ABBYY has a long experience in developing OCR software, particularly for libraries and universities in Europe that often have the added challenge of dealing with old texts and historic fonts, such as Fraktur and Gothic.
Yapilan bazi calismalarda kortikal kemikte gorulen kemik yogunluk kaybi sonucu fraktur riskinin arttigi gosterilmistir (9).
Kosullar ile ilgili risk faktorleri ise yakin zamanli alt ekstremite de fraktur, son 4 hafta icinde cerrahi operasyon, major travma, gebelik, influenza A (H1N1) enfeksiyonu, kemoterapi olarak tanimlandi.
The only exception is the 1880 Gospel of Matthew (Mt 1880), which is the only source in Fraktur in the history of written Livonian.
In that case, one would of course have to forgo the parallel English translations so ubiquitous in printed concert programs, and be comfortable with reading Fraktur.
etyolojisi, onceden yapilmis girisimler ve sayilari, pelvik fraktur varligi, sistostomi varligi kaydedildi.
The reader with minimal German should be warned that, although Linton has carefully transcribed the German Fraktur script into a clear Roman font with standardized s's, has supplied umlauts, and has written out the full forms of abbreviated words, she has not provided English translations of the poems.
The first image, highlighted in Figure 2, is representative for historical books containing Fraktur style fonts, with heavy background noise, high density text and presenting difficulties due to uneven exposure during document acquisition.