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a frameshift mutation is a genetic mutation in which a number of nucleotides not divisible by three are either inserted into or deleted from a nucleic acid sequence
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the addition or deletion of one or more nucleotides in a strand of DNA, which shifts the codon triplets of the genetic code of messenger RNA, resulting in a mutation.
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The replication error results in a frameshift mutation that inactivates or alters major tumor suppressor genes.
Altogether, 4 differences in annotated genes are nonsynonymous; 2 cause a frameshift, thereby truncating the MGF 110-1L gene and changing the amino acid sequence of the DP60R protein; and 9 differences were identified in noncoding regions (Table).
(3) Yang and colleagues (2015) performed the WES test on 2,157 patients with a clinical history of ID or developmental delay (DD) and identified seven patients with a de novo frameshift and nonsense mutations in the same gene.
The deletion causes a frameshift mutation and a premature stop codon (p.Asn574LysfsTer19; NM_001135243) of the treacle protein.
* Frameshift mutation--this occurs when one or more DNA bases are inserted or deleted, resulting in a change to the reading frame of the gene.
The N-terminal frameshift or nonsense mutations cause the truncation of the wild-type 42-kDa protein, leading to a mutated 30-kDa isoform that lacks the first transactivation domain (TAD1).
We report a novel frameshift mutation associated with LS phenotype in a Moroccan family.
Loci and nature of the mutations in MMADHC determine the subtype of cblD disease.[3] Mutation c.24-25delAG at the 5' end of the MMADHC coding sequence is a frameshift mutation that can produce premature termination codons.
A novel frameshift mutation (between C3H motifs in the N-terminal) in the imprinted MKRN3 gene was identified in one male case and his affected father.