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Capable of being broken; breakable. See Synonyms at fragile.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Medieval Latin frangibilis, from Latin frangere, to break; see bhreg- in Indo-European roots.]

fran′gi·bil′i·ty, fran′gi·ble·ness n.


the condition of being very easily broken.
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Noun1.frangibility - quality of being easily damaged or destroyed
vulnerability - susceptibility to injury or attack
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The frangibility for close-range use on steel significantly set this ammo apart from all others," said SSgt.
19], factors controlling the potential of a gas shale system include thickness and lateral extent, total organic carbon content, porosity, and mineral composition, which greatly influence frangibility.
Ercon Composites manufactures frangible masts and poles in compliance with FAA, Annex-14 and ICAO Part 6 Frangibility criteria.
Some physical and chemical properties of the soil used in the study LL, PL, SL, PI, FI, FC and OM are liquid limit, plastic limit, shrinkage limit, plastic index, frangibility index, field capacity and organic matter in percentage, respectively Texture Sand Silt Clay LL PL SL PI Silty clay 12 46 42 34.
Trust is defined as the psychological status of being willing to accept frangibility, based on the expectation of the other party's positive intentions or behaviors (Rousseau, Sitkin, Burt, & Camerer, 1998), and has three dimensions: competence, benevolence, and integrity (Mayer, Davis, & Schoorman, 1995).
In a sense, these objects reverse the frangibility of glass as they achieve form from its fragments.
At the same time, the frangibility of fired porcelain was made clear by A Thousand Tiny Deaths as the inflated balloons decreased their internal pressure over time and gravity played its part.
They would later embrace and further his ideas in the context of the Great Depression in the United States and the lessons it seemed to hold about the frangibility of modern industrial societies.
Beal's secret is he has been able to control the frangibility of the DRT bullet in organic targets containing fluid-making it exceedingly lethal, as I was to find out on the hunt.
Mr Harrison spent 12 years developing the poles, ensuring that they would break on impact and meet strict frangibility requirements outlined by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).
The author states that "the anti-Liberalist consensus has pushed the liberalist paradigm into an irretrievable hibernation by showing frangibility of its theoretical foundations and inapplicability of policy prescriptions".
It provides not only controlled penetration and frangibility but also enhanced accuracy and bystander safety," says Jopson.