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 (frăn′jə-păn′ē, -pä′nē)
n. pl. fran·gi·pan·is
1. Any of various deciduous shrubs or trees of the genus Plumeria, native to tropical America and widely naturalized elsewhere, having milky sap and showy, fragrant, funnel-shaped, variously colored flowers. Also called plumeria, temple tree.
2. A perfume derived from or similar in scent to the flowers of one of these shrubs or trees.
3. also fran·gi·pane (frăn′jə-pān′) A creamy pastry filling flavored with almonds.

[French frangipane, after Muzio Frangipani, 16th-century Italian marquis.]


1. (Cookery)
a. a pastry filled with cream and flavoured with almonds
b. a rich cake mixture containing ground almonds
2. (Clothing & Fashion) a variant of frangipani2


(ˈfræn dʒəˌpeɪn)

an almond-flavored custard used esp. as a pastry filling.
[1670–80; < French < Italian. See frangipani]
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Noun1.frangipane - pastry with a creamy almond-flavored filling
pastry - any of various baked foods made of dough or batter


[ˈfrændʒɪpeɪn] N frangipani [ˌfrændʒɪˈpɑːnɪ] N (frangipanis, frangipani (pl)) (= perfume, pastry) → frangipani m; (= shrub) → flor f de cebo, frangipani m blanco, jazmín m de las Antillas


, frangipani
n (= shrub)Roter Jasmin(baum); (= perfume)Jasminparfüm nt
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At Tesco the trend in the last year is even more pronounced with increased sales of scones (62%), custard donuts (55%), cream donuts (51%), choux buns (36%), carrot and orange cake (48%), coconut macaroons up 37% and frangipanes (36%).
I'd love to have a frangipane tree in my garden but alas we are too high up and don't have enough humidity.