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 (frăn′jə-păn′ē, -pä′nē)
n. pl. fran·gi·pan·is
1. Any of various deciduous shrubs or trees of the genus Plumeria, native to tropical America and widely naturalized elsewhere, having milky sap and showy, fragrant, funnel-shaped, variously colored flowers. Also called plumeria, temple tree.
2. A perfume derived from or similar in scent to the flowers of one of these shrubs or trees.
3. also fran·gi·pane (frăn′jə-pān′) A creamy pastry filling flavored with almonds.

[French frangipane, after Muzio Frangipani, 16th-century Italian marquis.]
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n, pl -panis or -pani
1. (Plants) any tropical American apocynaceous shrub of the genus Plumeria, esp P. rubra, cultivated for its waxy typically white or pink flowers, which have a sweet overpowering scent
2. (Clothing & Fashion) a perfume prepared from this plant or resembling the odour of its flowers
3. (Plants) native frangipani Austral an Australian evergreen tree, Hymenosporum flavum, with large fragrant yellow flowers: family Pittosporaceae
[C17: via French from Italian: perfume for scenting gloves, named after the Marquis Muzio Frangipani, 16th-century Roman nobleman who invented it]
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(ˌfræn dʒəˈpæn i, -ˈpɑ ni)

n., pl. -pan•is, -pan•i.
1. a perfume prepared from the flower of a tropical American tree or shrub, Plumeria rubra, of the dogbane family.
2. the tree or shrub itself.
[1860–65; < French frangipane, after Muzio Frangipane, 16-century Italian nobleman, supposed inventor of the perfume]
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Noun1.frangipani - any of various tropical American deciduous shrubs or trees of the genus Plumeria having milky sap and showy fragrant funnel-shaped variously colored flowersfrangipani - any of various tropical American deciduous shrubs or trees of the genus Plumeria having milky sap and showy fragrant funnel-shaped variously colored flowers
genus Plumeria, Plumeria, Plumiera - deciduous shrubs and trees of tropical America having branches like candelabra and fragrant white or pink flowers
Plumeria acutifolia, temple tree, pagoda tree - frangipani of India having an erect habit and conical form; grown in temple gardens
pagoda tree, Plumeria alba, West Indian jasmine - tall sparingly branched conical tree having large fragrant yellow flowers with white centers
bush, shrub - a low woody perennial plant usually having several major stems
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This Friday sees Frangipani present a burlesque night which they say is "not for the fainthearted - despite the tasteful tassels."
And Elemis' Exotic Frangipani Monoi Moisture Melt, pounds 27.50 (01278 727 830/, is the ultimate treat as it contains frangipani oil, considered the flower of the gods by Polynesian women.
Apart from 'The Bajan', I reckon Dobbs will bag a treble by also scoring aboard Nicky Richards' pair Rising Generation (2.40) and Mr Frangipani (3.50).
The novices' handicap chase went to Mr Frangipani, who had been unlucky on his previous start at Carlisle when he unseated his rider at the second-last when in front.
The tropical gardens are full of colourful bougainvillea, frangipani and coconut trees.
EXOTIC FRANGIPANI BODY NOURISH WRAP Although not specifically aimed at pregnant women, the Elemis exotic frangipani body nourish wrap can be used by expectant mothers.
I had a back massage with medium pressure and frangipani oil.
Situated on a white sand beach, the relaxing setting has winding paths leading through tropical gardens fragrant with frangipani, poinsettia and other exotic flora.
Head off to an exotic location without leaving your bathroom with Palmolive's limited edition Madagascan Sunset shower gel (pounds 1.46) packed with frangipani flower extract.
The collection consists of three distinctive perfumes: Petals & Leaves - a mix of freshly-cut bluebell, hyacinth and rose, underlined with a delicate woody fragrance; Orange & Ginger - deliciously warm, this blends sweet orange, apple and plum with spicy ginger, clove, cinnamon and vanilla; Vanilla & Frangipani - a mix of classic lavender and French vanilla with frangipani blooms, ylang, jasmine and musk.
Choose one of the three varieties - frangipani, hibiscus or camellia (pounds 20.35 for 125ml).
A heady mix of frangipani blossom, jasmine, bergamot and lotus, Versace Woman is the new signature fragrance from Donatella.