fraternal twins

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fra·ter·nal twins

n., pl. mellizos fraternales, desarrollados de dos óvulos fecundados separadamente.
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Another set of fraternal twins finished their college degree with flying colors from Tarlac State University (TSU) during the fourth day of the school's 30th Commencement Exercises on Wednesday.
After incomplete surveys were discarded, the survey population included 202 identical twins (101 pairs) and 53 fraternal twins or triplets.
Last February, Roxas and his wife, broadcaster Korina Sanchez-Roxas announced that they became proud parents of fraternal twins they named Pepe and Pilar.
Fraternal twins occur when each twin develops from a separate egg and the egg is fertilised by its own sperm.
Mar Roxas, had their first children, fraternal twins no less, delivered on Feb.
Tana, already a mother to children Megan, 21, Matilda, 17, and fraternal twins Jack and Holly, 19, with the celebrity chef, revealed a prominent baby bump in Ramsay's Instagram video, reports the Daily Mail.
Participating in the survey were 202 (101 pairs) identical and 53 (26 sets) fraternal twins, including one set of fraternal triplets.
Ziana, whose real name is Siti Roziana Zain, 50, and Armin Zaharin, 53, tied the knot on May 9, 1998, and had four children - Muhammad Aiman, 18, Muhammad Ammar, 14, and nine-year-old fraternal twins Muhammad Ariel and Siti Nur Kaseh.
FRATERNAL twins Kyle and Peter Reynolds were told as children that their father had died.
The five eldest siblings have all been experimented on by their grandmother; one can see the future, the fraternal twins become entirely identical, and one is a compulsive kleptomaniac.
PREVIEW FATHER FIGURES (15) WHEN they were boys, fraternal twins Kyle (Alexander G Eckert) and Peter Reynolds (Ivan Mallon) were told the sad news about their father's death.
Mara and Owen are fraternal twins. As they sit on the roof and look at the stars, they invent stories in which they are Gemini, forever inseparable even in death.