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The five eldest siblings have all been experimented on by their grandmother; one can see the future, the fraternal twins become entirely identical, and one is a compulsive kleptomaniac.
The numbers of identical twins tend to remain constant worldwide but figures for fraternal twins fluctuates around the world.
Tae-joo (Jo Han-sun) and Tae-sung (Sung Hoon) are fraternal twins.
If an embryo were to fully separate into two, that would create identical twins, while babies that develop from two separate eggs are called fraternal twins.
Summary: Prominent international human rights lawyer Amal Clooney gave birth to fraternal twins Tuesday morning in London.
There is not a lot of exposition explaining why all twins are born with twist or scab characteristics, nor does it account for the existence of fraternal twins.
That comedic conundrum was breezily explored away by citing the medical fact of fraternal twins, as opposed to the identical variety.
Fraternal twins Jonathan and David Stretton-Downes, 28, want to raise PS10,000 for the British Heart Foundation as part of their 'Six Times Open' campaign.
This is the story of fraternal twins, Breanna and Kale, who are training to be Seraphim, aerial fighters who have elemental affinities and use these skills in defence of their homelands.
99), continuing the graphic novel saga of the adorably cute Kobayashi fraternal twins, who swap clothes and identities, prompting misadventures at school.
The difference being that identical twins come from one egg split into two, while fraternal twins come from separate eggs, and would not usually look alike.
Identical twins have nearly identical genetic makeup, while fraternal twins, like non-twin siblings, share about 50 percent of their genes.