freak out

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freak out

vb (adverb)
informal to be or cause to be in a heightened emotional state, such as that of fear, anger, or excitement
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Noun1.freak out - a wild delusion (especially one induced by a hallucinogenic drug)freak out - a wild delusion (especially one induced by a hallucinogenic drug)
delusion, hallucination - a mistaken or unfounded opinion or idea; "he has delusions of competence"; "his dreams of vast wealth are a hallucination"
Verb1.freak out - lose one's nerve; "When he saw the accident, he freaked out"
panic - be overcome by a sudden fear; "The students panicked when told that final exams were less than a week away"
يُصاب بِنَزْوَه شديده
zfetovat se
flippe ud
fara yfir um
nafetovať sa
şiddetli taşkınlıklar yapmak

w>freak out

viausflippen (inf); (of society)aussteigen
vt sep it freaked me outdabei bin ich ausgeflippt (inf)


(friːk) noun
1. an unusual or abnormal event, person or thing. A storm as bad as that one is a freak of nature; (also adjective) a freak result.
2. a person who is wildly enthusiastic about something. a film-freak.
freak out to become very excited, especially because of having taken drugs (noun ˈfreak-out)
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In other words, they won't freak out as much, and they will make better choices.
In the news release, Tori and the Gang Vie for the Ultimate Karaoke Crown in the First-Ever Victorious TV Movie, 'Freak the Freak Out,' Premiering Friday, Nov.
The Jaxx's fifth album is an undeniably vivid musical rainbow combining big punchy grooves, sonic ruptures, bass-driven depth charges and feet-firing freak outs.