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Later still, Cage does his patented freak-out -- and it's also in one take, the actor swigging vodka and howling at the moon in his Y-fronts in an exhibition of grief that's both ludicrous and touching, and touching for being so ludicrous.
"I don't know the finer details of it, but I was aware that there was something going on," said Vaughan, who recalled Bobby Donald had been a non-runner at Stratford after having "a bit of a freak-out in the lorry".
Why do boys always go into freak-out mode when they find out a girl likes them?
As all around us hippies transformed into shaking blobs of hair, a freak-out ritual designed to show the transcendent effect of the music, we sat there bemused and just a little intimidated.
Again, thereOs a guitar freak-out and a cascade of four-part harmony to lift the song out of the doldrums.
A PSYCHEDELIC freak-out from the band who revel in psychedelic freak-outs.
Of all the stupid freak-outs we have experienced since Trump was elected, the hyperventilation over his Fourth of July address and celebration on the Mall may be the stupidest.
Filled with personal stories, useful takeaways, beautiful photos and great design, chapters like "Identity Crisis" and "Financial Freak-outs" make it clear that the Browns haven't airbrushed their story.
And yes, that last one caused a moment of silent reverence among all of us seated in the presenters' area, as well as not just a few 'Star Wars' nerd freak-outs. He was so sweet and gracious to all of us who asked for a photo.
Expect unrelenting, instrumental-leaning freak-outs and guitar solos galore from front man J Mascis and the rest of the band's classic line up including Lou Barlow on bass, playing a mix of old and new material.
As for the performances, Rogen is running on autopilot having his regular trademark freak-outs while Moretz, with her butter wouldn't melt looks, is an uneasy fit as a marijuana smoking rebel.
So all the people who spot us in public are fans of our content and we get some pretty big freak-outs every once in a while.