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adv. & adj. Slang
Used as an intensive: Traffic was a freaking nightmare.

[Alteration of frigging, present participle of frig.]


adj, adv (prenominal)
slang chiefly US (intensifier): his freaking mother; this is freaking weird.
[C20: euphemism for fucking]


(ˈfri kɪŋ)

adj., adv. Slang.
(used as an intensifier).
[1925–30; euphemistically echoing frigging and fucking]


[ˈfriːkɪŋ] adj (US) (= frigging) → foutu(e)
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Kate Middleton is due to deliver her third baby in a few weeks and the Duchess is not "freaking out."
Maybe we're freaking out about the lack of freaking-out--just a little--and maybe the violence threat is disconcerting, but it's part of a bigger issue because nobody freaks out .
"I'm sorry, I didn't think I was going to talk about 'man on dog' with a United States senator--it's sort of freaking me out," the reporter said.