free living

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: living - a lifestyle given to easy indulgence of the appetites
life style, lifestyle, life-style, modus vivendi - a manner of living that reflects the person's values and attitudes
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by employing molecular procedure involving PCR whereas killed bacteria plate procedure was carried out in order to look for free living protozoa.
Blood chemistry and hematologic values in free living nestlings of Montagu's harriers (Circus pygargus) in a natural habitat.
The free Living with Diabetes Day organised by Diabetes UK is aimed at helping people who have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes to access information they need to live well with the condition.
Frequent isolation of free living Amoeboea was identified as a public health risk18 Public health authorities should advise closure of (or avoidance of submersion in) hot spring recreational sites where N.
He has, on top of his basic salary, a massive expenses' budget, free living accommodation in Downing Street and at Chequers, free travel at home and abroad.
gellates Other (1) Total pos Sources No (%) (%) (%) No (%) Water tank 21 (29) (5) (10) 9 43 Tap water 74 (19) (4) (0) 17 23 Wells 75 (21) (15) (21) 43 57 Stream 8 (13) (25) (38) 6 75 Total 178 (21) (10) 112) 75 42 (1) Other = Hartmanella sp., Free living amoebae not identified.
The survey results reveal that maintenance free living, cost and flexibility are the most common motivating factors for renting.
Assisted Living includes all of the services of Care- Free Living and also provides a personalized assistance program such as full assistance with meals, dressing, grooming, and daily medication monitoring; nighttime checks, support, and transfers that only require one staff person; and weekly laundering of personal items.
Caption: THE CLEARWATER BAR recently sponsored a project providing free living wills to the public at the east library.
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