free press

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: press - a press not restricted or controlled by government censorship regarding politics or ideology
gutter press - press that engages in sensational journalism (especially concerning the private lives of public figures)
public press, press - the print media responsible for gathering and publishing news in the form of newspapers or magazines
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That is Areopagitica, a passionate appeal for a free press. Milton desired that a man should have not only freedom of thought, but freedom to write down and print and publish these thoughts.
The Miners' Free Press speaks IN TERMS OF MERITED REBUKE at the outrage upon the feelings of the people of Wisconsin.
This, they argue, would be the beginning of the end of a "free Press".
In his column in The Sun, Henry, who played 30 Test matches for Zimbabwe, talks about the perils of not having a free Press.
"We have established a free press in this country over 300 years, and we don't want to reverse this trend."
The Free Press was the first daily newspaper in Canada to have its own daily comic strip, which launched an international career for cartoonist Ben Batsford.
Free Press has started a public conversation of what the future of the Internet should look like.
Ostertag draws upon material from obscure but powerful publications such as the 'Revolution,' 'The Advocate,' 'HomoCore,' 'LA Free Press', 'Vietnam GI,' and 'The (Fort) Lewis-McChord Free Press to illustrate how independent journalists have shaped the history of diverse social justice movements.
Boston University (BU) student newspaper The Daily Free Press recently reported that the university has inked a deal with Zipcar to provide BU students and faculty access to on-campus rental cars made available through the company's car-sharing service.
The Detroit Free Press reported last week that Consumer Reports has retracted an article featured in the April issue of the publication which estimated that owners of hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), both cars and trucks, pay up to $13,300 more over a five-year period than those who own similar conventional models.
Most upsetting is the fact that Gaffney's vituperation against a free press was promulgated by Fox News--a self-described "news" organization that should have been more outraged than acquiescent to this call for silencing embarrassing news by murdering journalists.
What isn't widely understood is the role that may have been played by a law that most people don't associate with free press issues, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, passed in the wake of the Enron scandal, along with related crackdowns on corporations.